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The Inevitable Bad Day

They come.  Whether we want them to or not.  Sometimes they are hard to cope with.  For me, I’d like nothing more than to crawl into bed and ignore the fact that my day sucked.  My bad day began yesterday … Continue reading

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Starting School

I’m looking around the house wondering why it looks like a bomb went off.  The kids have been in school for most of the week, and I should have had it under control by now.  I don’t.  There is still … Continue reading

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Lots of Babies equals Lots of Medication

So, yesterday I gave a little bit of a background about my brood, and mentioned some of the mountains we had to climb, one of them being mental ailments.  Let me qualify that by saying they were mine, and explain … Continue reading

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As you have most likely guessed, AllThingsBoys has to do with the fact that I am a lone female in a house full of the XY chromosome. Even the cat is a male, and I find it both curious and … Continue reading

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Boys are wonderful.  They are sensitive, loving, sharing, caring creatures.  They can also be messy, dirty, stinky, and generally oblivious to neatness and orderliness.  At least in my house.  I have three wonderful teenage boys, who, 15 years ago, I … Continue reading

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