The Inevitable Bad Day

They come.  Whether we want them to or not.  Sometimes they are hard to cope with.  For me, I’d like nothing more than to crawl into bed and ignore the fact that my day sucked.  My bad day began yesterday and I hope will end when I go to bed tonight.

Courtesy of Predator Pics

Yesterday, I ended up at my child’s school acting like the worst version of Linda Blair when her head was spinning off her shoulders in the Exorcist.

Courtesy of Wikipedia


Today my oldest told me I was like a cactus.  “A Cactus?” I replied dumbly.

“Yeah!  You’re all prickly, and I ask you what is wrong and you won’t say,” he says, clearly upset.  “And you snap at everybody.”

I snap at everybody.  I run from one fire to the next all day until I get the kids.  Then it’s homework time.  Last year it was Buzzard who couldn’t focus.  This year it’s Roo.  Roo can’t keep on track, and possesses little to no motivation (such is the face of ADD).  I’ve had him sitting at the bar doing his homework since 4 pm.  He finished at just before 9, interspersing the math problems with throwing ink pens at his brother from across the room, and having a “stomach ache” every ten minutes or so.  Buzzard whips through his homework in record time.  They take turns torturing me.  I’ve known this about them for years.  Why can’t they just misbehave at the same time so I can have a break every now and then?  Because then they would miss seeing me froth at the mouth and look generally crazed.  Who would want to miss that?

I know it’s a phase.  I know it will pass. The only question is, will it pass before I do?  I think I need more wine.

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4 Responses to The Inevitable Bad Day

  1. Kathleen Davis says:

    Wow! I remember all the trauma and continue to be amazed at how far you have come. Spanish??? Vommiting???? Spanish???? Vommiting????…..

  2. Martica says:

    Go ahead, have another glass of that wine! I have known such days for other reasons, and it does pass… although I’ve had similar sentiments about passing before the phase does! Keep going… you’re doing a fine job!

  3. journeyman1977 says:

    Starting at the very beginning that your archives take me 🙂 Poor mom 🙂 hugs Arnel

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