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When Teleportation is finally possible…

The topic for the day is, When teleportation is finally possible, where will you beam yourself first?  Assumptions being, you can teleport yourself back, and this is over space only, not time, which would be a whole other realm, albeit … Continue reading

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Mushrooms and cat hair

Last week I bought a tool to defur my cat.  He is shedding immensely, and this little tool is supposed to remove 90% of the loose fur.  At 40 bucks, it ought to remove all his fur and make him … Continue reading


I’m Posting every day in 2011!

Not that anyone would want to read a post from me every day in 2011.  Yes, I’m painfully aware I’ve already missed one month and two days, but I’ve decided I need a push.  I sorta got derailed, and now … Continue reading

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