When Teleportation is finally possible…

The topic for the day is, When teleportation is finally possible, where will you beam yourself first?  Assumptions being, you can teleport yourself back, and this is over space only, not time, which would be a whole other realm, albeit much more interesting.

My first thought was, I have to narrow it down to one choice?  My second, it would depend on my mood.  For instance, it’s cold here in the east.  That led to thoughts of warm beaches, and the caribbean.  But what about Europe?  How about Greece or Spain?  Both have lovely beaches, although I’m not sure they are warm this time of year.  So what about Australia or Africa?

Africa brought feelings of shame.  I’ve always wanted to see Africa.  Unfortunately not on a missions trip.  More feelings of guilt.  Shouldn’t I want to use my newfound teleporting capabilities to do good in the world?  How about teleporting medical supplies and food to areas that are suffering?

I could have written this blog after having thought all this through, then making it look as though I was completely humanitarian in my thoughts.  But I didn’t, because I wanted to write my thoughts as they came, and sometimes that reveals some ugly truths.

As for the teleporting, I may simply have to hand it back and say, “You know, I think I’d just like to stay home with the guys.”

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1 Response to When Teleportation is finally possible…

  1. janie says:

    Can I go with you when you gettin the teleporting down? I am ready to see some new sites, and I like traveling with you.

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