What do you do…

What do you do when someone you know is struggling?  Pray?  Call them enough to be annoying?  Don’t call them at all?  Send postive mental vibes their way?  Wonder what they would do if you were them and they were you?  Crack jokes to stay away from the serious topics?

As it happens, I know several someones at the moment who are struggling, not including myself.  My go to is God.  It’s how I survive my own struggles.  When things become unmanageable, for me, I have a cycle.  My first is to be mad at God.  When I get over being mad (like a two year old), I come around to the why (like a five year old).  Why does it have to be this way?  Why did I have to have that problem?  Why can’t God, just once, make my life easy?  Why can’t God fix my problem?  Why can’t God show me why things are the way they are, instead of being so bloody silent?

Then I move onto the sullen teen.  God doesn’t know best.  I can fix this (whatever this may be) without God.   Why do I need God anyway?

Somewhere after this, the internal struggle ceases.  The problem is still there, and may be huge, but suddenly I feel a stillness settle on me as I accept what is not in my power to change, and I see that life in its many complexities is unyielding to my efforts to unravel and understand it, that only one entity has control, and that it is not mine to question.  This is Faith, solid and comforting when we are able to attain it.  And it isn’t easy.  It’s a constant struggle.

Sometimes I feel like a yo-yo.  Moving away, then coming back–always coming back, inextricably tied to it.  I wish I was more constant in my faith.  I can always muster faith for those around me struggling.  I have more trouble mustering it for myself.  For now I’d like anyone struggling to find that peace that will tell them it is only a storm that will eventually end, and the sun will eventually shine.  For the tide always comes back in, the moon will always come back to shine full, the sun will always rise, and the rain will always eventually end.  Perfect cycles, created by God.  Our lives are no different.

Peace to everyone.

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2 Responses to What do you do…

  1. janie says:

    This is what life is about, trials and tribulations, always keep the faith. It is what guides us through those tough times and gives us the strength to go on.

  2. Patti Ayer says:

    Peace to you this weekend my friend. Love you!

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