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Oil and Gas

Just an interesting bit of news I received from a friend who works in the industry. We have an oil glut, there is no reason for $100 oil, but politics and wall street traders! Build more refineries!! There has not … Continue reading

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The Biggest Secret I failed to Keep

This is the post of the day.  Seriously.  Are you kidding?  O.K., I guess I have to give Scott some credit in that, underneath that it says: “If you don’t want to write the secret itself, why do you think … Continue reading

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My Favorite College Professor

This was a topic for post of the day a few days ago.  Hands down, it was my New Testament Professor.  I went to a small Nazarene College in the midwest where it was required to take one semester of … Continue reading

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Parenting Teens

In my last post, I mentioned dark and twisty.  That should have been followed by parenting teens.  Seriously.  I-Don’t-Like-Parenting-Teens.  It sucks.  And there is no other word for it.  Well, at least no other word I’d feel comfortable posting.  I wonder … Continue reading

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O.K. everyone.  You wouldn’t believe what happened to me.  I was kidnapped, by a group of carousing caribou, herded off by them while on a run through the neighborhood.  The largest one (and he had huge, huge horns), grabbed my … Continue reading

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