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Payment For Pie

Yesterday I posted that I ate half of a chocolate pie. I suffer from migraines. Eating half of a chocolate pie + migraines = a recipe for disaster. It’s been a long and painful day.


Dessert Never Lasts

Yesterday I made my favorite chocolate pie.  Aside from the boys liking it, I was craving something sinful.  I should have made it in a clandestine manner and stashed it in the fridge outside (they never look in there).  But … Continue reading

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Golf Anyone?

Today was a beautiful day here, unlike yesterday.  Yesterday it poured rain most of the day.  It cleared up around 4:30 in the afternoon, but began another heavy downpour around 9.  I didn’t pay much attention to it, because I … Continue reading

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Movie tickets for matinee for five:  40.00 Concession stands junk:                     35.00 Seeing your kids close their eyes during a PG-13 movie that should have been rated R?  Priceless-and not in a good way. Can I have my money back?

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Things You Never Say to Your Mother

There are some things you never say to your mother.  For instance, “Where’d you get that dress?” with a frown is never well received.  Or, how about, “I like hugging you ’cause you’re soft and squishy.”  “Wow!  You eat a … Continue reading

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Pushy Parent Syndrome

With the boys starting High School, I’ve been thinking a lot about where we came from, and how different the past is from now.  That led me to think about how I’ve handled things, and whether or not it was … Continue reading

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High School, Again.

The high school where Bugs goes had an event today whereby rising 9th graders are invited to spend a couple of hours there in the morning getting the lay of the land, and generally be welcomed by some of the … Continue reading

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What Boys Do…

Several times this winter we’ve had some freakishly nice weather days.  Of course the first thing on their minds is to get outside and have some fun.

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Supplication of the Squirrel

So now that Bugs is driving, I’m noticing more road kill.  I don’t know why this is, other than it’s on my mind more.  Specifically, I’ve noticed a lot more dead squirrels. I think the reason I noticed this was … Continue reading

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I’ve actually been thinking about this day for at least three years with the same amount of trepidation that is associated with thinking about a root canal.  Nevermind the increase in insurance premiums, dented fenders, speeding tickets, parking tickets, running over the … Continue reading

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