What Boys Do…

Several times this winter we’ve had some freakishly nice weather days.  Of course the first thing on their minds is to get outside and have some fun.

This is the airsoft team.  Why they call it airsoft is beyond me.  The pellets fired from these guns are made of a lightweight plastic, and are about the same size as a BB.  But they are discharged with a big enough force that if they hit bare skin, it will leave a welt, and sometimes bleed.  Eye protection is a must.  The clothing they wear over the years has evolved into what you see in the picture.  Early on when they were a little younger and not quite as tough, they would wear an undershirt, a longsleeved shirt over that, and a padded coat over that along with two pairs of pants.  They looked like the Michelin man when they went out.

Layers became problematic however when the temps climbed into the 90’s.  I think they imagined themselves as some elite military  squad deep in the jungle flushing out the enemy.  After coming in so dehydrated they resembled nothing so much as a shriveled cherry, face beat red and panting like an overheated dog albeit thoroughly happy, they realized they had to choose between the protective padding and being able to stay outside.  Of course staying outside won. 

After a little experimenting, they chose to use the camo (all the better to hide from your opponent), and lost the layers as they became tougher.  Not too long ago, I had seven boys out in the backyard woods having airsoft wars, thoroughly happy that they could legitimately take pot shots at each other.

I think it’s time to get rid of the nerf guns.

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7 Responses to What Boys Do…

  1. Maria says:

    I love that photo!!

  2. Aven says:

    How cool! They look verra fierce *g*

  3. sara says:

    i’m making tattoo flyers and i need to know what boys like too do so i came her.i did not know that they do this strange thing.

    • Sara,
      This is called airsoft. It’s actually quite painful to be hit with them. Kinda like paintball. And in reference to the other post of being fierce, I’m not sure that was the aim. The point of camp is so they are harder to see in a sea of trees, has little to do with being fierce.

  4. sara says:

    these boys are not feirce

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