Dessert Never Lasts

Yesterday I made my favorite chocolate pie.  Aside from the boys liking it, I was craving something sinful.  I should have made it in a clandestine manner and stashed it in the fridge outside (they never look in there).  But then I would have had to sneak slices when they weren’t looking in order to eat it.

I should regard the fact that they eat everything before I can get at it as a clever weight control device, and usually I do.  But every once in a while there comes a dessert that I just don’t want to share.  French Silk Chocolate Pie is one of them.

It’s like a race, with the dessert at the finish line, and I don’t usually win.  So, everyone had one piece of pie before bed.  After they went to bed, I had another piece.  Then after I got everyone to school, I had a piece at breakfast (I know, eww, but I couldn’t help it), after which I swore to myself that I wouldn’t have a piece at lunch.  That resolution lasted about as long as my sandwich.

After dinner, Bugs gets the pie out and stares at it in disbelief.  “Who ate ALL the pie?”

My answer?  “Cut what’s left into fourths, O.K.?”  (DH didn’t want any, claiming it had too many calories.  Humpf!)

He asked again.  And again.  And again.  Sigh.  “O.K., I had a piece at lunch.” 

He raises his eyebrows at me.  “O.K., O.K.  I also had a piece at breakfast.”  My resolve to have one last piece withers at the look he’s giving me.  “O.K., cut it into thirds for you and your brothers.”

Damn.  I’m gonna have to make another pie.

Below is a link to the recipe, should anybody be interested in this particular addiction.

Just an ending note:  I was just going over the nutritional value of this pie, and calculated that I have single-handedly eaten half, which is 2,140 calories, and 154.5 grams of fat.  Hmmm…Maybe I better forego the second pie.

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