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How To Stop The Texting

This morning marked the 6th day on the bus for the boys.  Every morning I received texts from them about various things on their way to school.  Yesterday, one of them forgot a badly needed binder. Today was a tattling … Continue reading

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An Apple is Not a Fruit

  Yesterday my DH bought me a Mac for an early birthday present.  It is the first Mac in our house.  This is a big thing.  We aren’t completely ignorant of Apple–we have an ipad, and iphones.  We just haven’t … Continue reading


Going To The Movies

We go to the movies a lot. For me, it’s one of the best memories from my childhood. See, I grew up in California, the land of make-believe. Things like Disneyland, Hollywood and the Movies were as much a part … Continue reading

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Hunger, or Happiness?

Eight months ago, my DH decided he wanted to go on a diet.  As a child, he was always stick thin, eating whatever he wanted with little consequence.  As years went by, however, poundage accumulated (as it does for all of us), … Continue reading


Addendum to Repairs

Today I received a most surprising email from Sears Cares Team.  It seems someone there saw my post from yesterday, and felt the need to contact me “to make things right.” I actually have a couple of thoughts on this, … Continue reading

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Intimate Relationships with Repairmen

I think maybe somewhere in an earlier post, I described a torturously comical experience with my dishwasher and its mysterious symptoms and repair.  For a short recap, it worked intermittently (a bit like taking your car in when it makes a “noise”, where, … Continue reading


Hiatus Over

My hiatus is over, so all of you who signed up to be notified of posts will now be pestered once more. Yesterday I had something happen to me that hadn’t happened in a while.  I had raging hormones, and … Continue reading

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