Intimate Relationships with Repairmen

I think maybe somewhere in an earlier post, I described a torturously comical experience with my dishwasher and its mysterious symptoms and repair.  For a short recap, it worked intermittently (a bit like taking your car in when it makes a “noise”, where, by the time you take it in, it will not make said “noise” anymore).  This went on for four months, where the repair guy would come and replace something on it, only to have its symptoms continue a couple of days later.

As it turned out, there was a small leak.  However there is a pan under it to catch the water so it doesn’t ruin your floor.  A nice idea, but then how would one ever know if there was a leak?  Because what would happen is, a float would register when the water in the pan got to a certain height, and shut off the dishwasher.   Mystery finally solved, and rather cheaply too, as it was just a rubber hose.

So, we’ve had a drip in the refrigerator for probably two years.  No one could fix it.  We gave up and put a bowl on the top shelf to catch the drips.  The fridge wasn’t that old, (but out of warranty, of course) so we didn’t want to replace it.

Then one day the ice-maker went haywire.  We open the door to see a frozen cascade of water from the top of the ice-maker to the floor of the ice-bin.  Hmmmm…..  That can’t be good.  I resolve my quest to get not only the ice-maker fixed, but the leak as well.

I call the manufacturer and they recommend two different repair places.  I call one, no answer, so I call the second, letting fate do the choosing.  Turns out, the second place is some sort of booking agency for Sears repair.  Fine.  I schedule the appointment.  They give me the date, sometime between 8 and 5.  I grit my teeth.

On said date, 5 comes and goes.  I call and no one can contact the service guy.  They reschedule me again.  At 6:15, the guy shows up at the door.  I won’t lie.  I was TICKED.  He came in and took a look at it, and knew exactly what was wrong, and what I needed–the first person to ever say so with any kind of confidence.  The repair was pricey, so I said I had to talk with my husband.  Here is the rub:  If I talked with my husband first, then I would have to make ANOTHER appointment for him to return to write-up the ticket and get paid for the parts before he could actually order them, and then wait for them to arrive, and make another appointment for installation.  ARGGG!!!!!!!

I accept the terms, talk with husband, and we agree to order the parts.  Second appointment he arrives around 3, I pay for parts, and reschedule for him to come back and install.  The day he returns to install, I’m having a leisurely morning, in my jammies, sitting on the couch when my phone rings at 7:50AM, where a computer announces the arrival of said repairman by 8:03.  Crap!  I throw clothes on just in time for his arrival.

He repairs the fridge, then goes to install the ice-maker and the water valve he thought was the problem.  Only he feels like it’s working now, and thinks he should just credit me, and not do the water valve.  I should have listened to my gut.  Two days later, another ice-cascade in the ice-maker/bin.

Round and round the mulberry bush…They return, and he is unsure of whether we need an ice-maker, or a valve.  Flustered, we say just do both.

Unfortunately, the repair guy that shows up today isn’t the same guy.  He is completely unfamiliar with our fridge.  I see him trying to take the top panel off (it’s built-in), and run to tell him it pops up from the bottom.  “Oh!” he says.  My confidence wanes.

He replaces all the screws he’s removed.  I look over ten minutes later, and he’s on the floor fiddling with the bottom grate.  Taking a wild guess, I say, “I can turn the water off downstairs.”

“Oh, yeah, that would be helpful.”  My confidence is almost gone.

I turn off water, he replaces pieces he removed from bottom, and finally replaces the water valve.  As he is still working he says, “You can go ahead and turn on the water.”

“Are you sure?”  I’m skeptical–who wouldn’t be?

“Aw yeah, it’s fine.”

I turn the valve back on, and can hear water hitting the floor in the kitchen from down in the basement.  I hear him say, “Well, you might want to turn it back off.”

I turn it back off for ten minutes, until he is completely finished with the water valve, then turn it back on.  So far, so good.

I now hear the ice-maker cycling.  Maybe things will turn out O.K.  He credits me for the ice-maker he thinks I didn’t need (but installed anyway), and says he’s done.

I breathe a sigh of relief thinking how glad I am he didn’t come yesterday.  He wouldn’t have gotten out alive.

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2 Responses to Intimate Relationships with Repairmen

  1. Sears Cares says:

    Dear allthingsboys,
    My name is Laura with the Sears Cares team; I found this post and wanted to reach out and express our concern and apologies for all the trouble you have experienced with your refrigerator repair. I can see how frustrating this entire episode has been: from our technician showing up late for the first appointment, through multiple trips out to your home without resolution, and to the lack of confidence you expressed in our technicians. At Sears, we pride ourselves on making sure our valued customers are satisfied with our products and services and it certainly appears we have not met that goal with you. We would very much like to speak with you regarding your refrigerator and see what can be done towards rectifying this situation. At your convenience please contact our office via email at and a personal case manager will reach out to you directly. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the refrigerator was serviced under (if different than the contact phone number). Also, in your email, please provide your user name (allthingsboys) so we can reference your issue. Again, I apologize for all the problems you’ve experienced with this service and we do appreciate the opportunity to help.
    Thank you,
    Laura D.
    Social Media Moderator
    Sears Social Media Support

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