Addendum to Repairs

Today I received a most surprising email from Sears Cares Team.  It seems someone there saw my post from yesterday, and felt the need to contact me “to make things right.”

I actually have a couple of thoughts on this, the first of which is, Wow!  What amazing customer service!  It was never my intention to use this blog as a tool to “get even” if you will, for what I actually considered a comedy of errors.

While I admit that the appointment process leaves much to be desired, and feel they should really be able to narrow it down to a three or four hour block of time, I can’t deny that they fixed something that at least six other companies looked at and couldn’t fix, and one who it turns out made the right diagnosis, but wanted 1500 for the leak alone, almost 4 times what Sears charged.

The other thing is, I’m a Schleprock.  You know, the guy from the Flintstones that has the black cloud that follows him everywhere.  Someone else would have had a great experience with Sears, I’m sure of it.  And in the end, everything was fixed, and at a reasonable cost–at least compared to anyone else who even wanted to try and fix it.

Finally, I am amazed that she even found my post, and cared enough to follow up on it.  To me that says more about the company than anything, in a day when you just don’t see that a lot.

Sears, a heartfelt thanks for listening.

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