An Apple is Not a Fruit


Yesterday my DH bought me a Mac for an early birthday present.  It is the first Mac in our house.  This is a big thing.  We aren’t completely ignorant of Apple–we have an ipad, and iphones.  We just haven’t made the leap from Microsoft to Apple–until today.

My apprehensions mostly had to do with transferring all my itunes data to the Mac.  This has never gone well in the past–going from one computer to the next.  The files either go missing, or are all mixed up.  The salesman had put me at ease, though, explaining how to move the data.  But like everything that has to do with data, it never seems to work out like the explanation.

DH did all the dirty work, thank goodness.  I’m a mess when it comes to learning new computer things.  I get all worked up, and soon I’m saying things like, “It shouldn’t be that difficult!”

His response was, “Go away, and I’ll tell you when to come back.”  I slunk away to the kitchen where I began nervously chomping on chocolate chip cookies while I tried to chase away the visions of what I thought it would be like…

I thought I would come home and  type up my blog on my new computer, smiling and happy like a five year old who just graduated from trike to bike.  Unfortunately, I’m like the same five year old that has forgotten there is a learning curve for just such a graduation.  Forget typing anything yesterday–I should grant myself lucky it’s less than 24 hours later and I’m finally on wordpress using the new machine.

I should have known.  For years I’ve talked about what I call “computer time.”  Computer time and real time are two different things.  For instance, when DH is busy programming, he’ll say, “Oh, I’ll only be ten more minutes.”  In real time this translates into  about an hour, effectively making the conversion factor 6.  So it only makes sense that I should have realized that if I thought it was only going to take an hour or so to get it up and running, the real time would have been 6 hours, which is about what it was.  Which is why it is the next day.  I got tired and went to bed.

At the moment though, things seem to be working smoothly, and most things seem similar to a pc.  The bike just got less intimidating.  I think I’ll have an apple.

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5 Responses to An Apple is Not a Fruit

  1. Congrats on the switch to Macs! Once you get used to everything, you’ll wonder why you stuck around with PCs so long… 😉

    • Thanks. It’s like learning a different language. I don’t find it quite as intuitive as my iPhone though. Someone suggested Scrivener for writing, and while I think it will be well worth it, it’s going to take some studying! How are those SAT’s going?

      • Well, good luck with everything. It’s a massive switch…

        Ummm…it might drive me crazy…? I spent 2 hours today working on vocabulary words and random math stuff that, chances are, I’ll never use again. Fun times. I’m SO ready to get out of highschool…

  2. janie says:

    New things always have a built-in intimadation factor. I sympathize with you. Sure you will love it after you get used to it.

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