How To Stop The Texting

This morning marked the 6th day on the bus for the boys.  Every morning I received texts from them about various things on their way to school.  Yesterday, one of them forgot a badly needed binder.

Today was a tattling competition.  The really comical thing was, the two perpetrators were sitting next to each other in the same seat, texting me about each other.

This went on for about 8 minutes, at which point I finally texted to them that if they didn’t stop, I would blog about the comical aspects of their complaints.  Then the third one decided to join in and take up for one of the other ones.  I told him also, that he would find his words on my blog if he didn’t cease immediately.

It is now 8 hours later, and I haven’t heard from any of them.  Ah, the power of the written word…

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