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I have a child who likes to do this:  Absquatulate.  Well, to be more accurate, absquatulate with.  Anytime we have something missing, we always check his room first.  Frequently, it will be there.  When we come home with something new … Continue reading

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Shrunken Fashions

We want our kids to be independent, right?  Especially boys, we want them to learn to cook a few things, clean up, and be able to do laundry.  Our future daughter-in-laws will be forever grateful, right? All three of my … Continue reading

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Wet Carpet Fashions

Nobody likes water where it doesn’t belong.  Interesting feature of something we actually can’t live without.  We have to have it to live, but too much or too little wreaks havoc. Years ago, before even children, my husband and I … Continue reading

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I had an epiphany this evening.  Actually I had a couple.  The first was, I can’t cook the simplest things.  You know, the things almost anyone can cook?  I can’t.  I don’t know what is wrong with me.  Rice Crispy … Continue reading

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Airplane travel and Dr. Phil

Yesterday Dr. Phil had a show regarding banning children from certain public places, like airplanes, and restaurants.  My DH happened to be home, and although we weren’t actively watching it, it came on while we were working around the house. … Continue reading

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Lost Children

Traveling with children is such an experience of fun, excitement and heartburn.  The squabbles, the impatience (when are we going to get there? a gazillion times), the bathroom breaks.  But nothing beats the “lost” stories.  I think almost everyone has … Continue reading

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Running The Womens 4 Miler

This blog is dedicated to Katie, the very special daughter of a friend.  This was her first four mile run, and she did a fantastic job keeping pace among 3500 other women.  I was honored to run beside her! I’m … Continue reading

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Schleprock, according to Urban Dictionary: 1.  To cary heavy  burdens.  One who is said to be unlucky or extremely unfortunate.  Also formerly a character on the popular cartoon, “The Flintstones.” 2.  Total loser who will never amount to anything. 3. … Continue reading

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Farting in Church

We, like many people I think, have a love hate relationship with church.  We have good intentions.  We try to do the right thing–the right thing being to attend on a regular basis.  Sometimes we succeed.  Sometimes we don’t.  We’ll … Continue reading

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