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Unexpected Laughter

People often talk about funny things that happen in and around funerals.  The tension is sometimes so high that the comedy is all the more welcome.  Take for instance the scene in Steel Magnolias, where Sally Fields character is in … Continue reading

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The Cat in The Hat

When the boys were little, one of the things they loved most was for me to read them Dr. Suess’ The Cat in the Hat.  I read it so much I had most of it memorized.  Even now I can … Continue reading

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Would Removing all Guns from the Earth make us more or less safe?

This is the post of the day, actually from yesterday.  The answer?  Neither.  Violence and wars occurred long before there were fire arms.  And when I think about it, if I had to die from a  violent crime, I think … Continue reading

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Brain Fog

A few weeks back I had posted about running a marathon.  However, since my father’s passing, maintaining any kind of training has been difficult.  I really haven’t felt much like running so I have skipped a lot of days, and … Continue reading

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Fathers and Daughters

When I was little, I thought of my dad as a very formidable man.  He had the ability to quell a tantrum or stop an illegal action with a single look from a gimlet eye.  At 5’9″ and 150 pounds … Continue reading

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