Would Removing all Guns from the Earth make us more or less safe?

This is the post of the day, actually from yesterday.  The answer?  Neither.  Violence and wars occurred long before there were fire arms.  And when I think about it, if I had to die from a  violent crime, I think I’d rather be shot, than any alternative that does not involve a gun.

Think about it.  A sword?  Yikes!  What about a Pike? Crossbow?  And the peasants would utilize farming tools for weapons when needed.  Scythes, flails and the like made very effective weapons long before guns were around.

Man has always felt a need to protect himself, whether from the wild beasts, or the human beasts, and has always been very creative in the ways that he has accomplished this.  Removing every gun from the face of the earth would only spur man to rethink his choice of weapon.

We as humans, have to learn to live peaceably, so there is no need for weapons to be used for violence.  Weaponry has come much farther over the centuries than our skills for resolving conflict and utilizing compromise.  It’s these things we need to focus on to improve our society.

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1 Response to Would Removing all Guns from the Earth make us more or less safe?

  1. janie says:

    Very thought provoking!

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