The Cat in The Hat

When the boys were little, one of the things they loved most was for me to read them Dr. Suess’ The Cat in the Hat.  I read it so much I had most of it memorized.  Even now I can recall large chunks of it without any trouble.

So when my husband and I walked into a store in Universal Studios and saw all kinds of Cat in the Hat memorabilia, I had to check it all out.  It didn’t take any time at all to make my decision either.  We walked away with five shirts.

I think we will wear them on the next trip we take together.

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11 Responses to The Cat in The Hat

  1. Patti Ayer says:

    That is hilarious!

    • Patti,
      I didn’t think they would like them, but they thought they were really funny. Hope you are doing well up there in the cold. Miss you, chickadee! My love to Tyler and the kids!

  2. C... says:

    HA! I love those. I think I will need to get these “things”.

    • Claudia,
      Love your blog site! Thanks for the comment. Aspie’s are really different little people. I just think it takes special people to see past their quirks. My boys loved the shirts (I wasn’t sure they would) and thought they were hysterical, as did their friends.

  3. janie says:

    I loved this one, made me laugh!

  4. deniz says:

    Eee! What a coincidence! My nephew was just visiting and he’s got Thing 2 clothes – but my sister in law couldn’t find any Thing 1 items for his older sister. I wonder if I can mail order them?

  5. journeyman1977 says:

    cat in the hat’s such an amazing book….awesome t-shirts!

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