Photography and Procrastination

My desk looks like the sum contents of the whole house have been dumped on it–or at least it did at the beginning of yesterday.  I spent the whole of the morning searching for an important document, and didn’t find it.  Not knowing what I should do about that, I ran a couple of errands, camera in hand in case an opportunity should present itself.  Errands done, I stopped at DH office (by this time it was around 3:30) to briefly discuss the “lost document.”

He saunters in, smiling wide with a good natured look upon his face.

“What’s up?” he asks, in a care free tone that conflicts with my anxiety over this missing piece of paper.

“I’ve been through everything on my desk.  I can’t find that paper.”

He smiles a cheshire grin.  “Oh, I found it this morning about two inches down.”

I glare at him.  “Any reason you couldn’t have shared that we me sooner?”  As irritated as I am, I’m actually more relieved than anything.

“Sorry, I’ve been busy,” he says.

My stress unloaded, I leave the office and head toward home.  On the way, I see beautiful blooming trees (sorry, my flower identification is sorely lacking) with the sun shining through a multitude of fluffy white clouds and the trees themselves, so I stop and I take a gazillion great photos.  I know they were great, because I saw them on the camera display screen.

At the end of our block, there is a stand of daffodils, so I stop and photograph them as well in the fantastic light filtering through the clouds.  The bus drops the boys off while I’m there, and Roo, throws his backpack in the car and challenges Buzzard to a race (Bugs is at a behind the wheel course).  Buzzard declines and gets in my car while Roo is sprinting as fast as he can down the street.  It’s a beautiful day outside, I’ve seen the bottom of my desk (which admittedly I haven’t seen in months), and I’m beginning to relax for the first time in the day.

I take one last look at the pictures on my camera, pop the card out and put it in the computer, only to receive the following message:  Card needs to be formatted.  Continue?

Say WHAT?????  I take the card out and reinsert.  Same message.  I take it out and put it back in the camera.  Camera says, Card needs to be formatted.  Yes?

I text DH.  He suggests trying his laptop.  I try his laptop.  It’s an electronic conspiracy.  Nothing wants to read my card.  If I format it, I lose all my images.  My head hangs in defeat.  I format the card and lose my photo’s, completely bummed.  I get another card and photograph the daffodils again, but the light has changed, and nothing is magical anymore.  Bummer.  You saw my post from yesterday.

This morning, I gave it another whirl.  This time, I got some photos, but still not as great as yesterday.  I may have to repeat that jaunt.  But the card definitely needs replacing, because when I put it back in the computer, it kept giving me the same message, even though my pictures showed up.  At least I got to keep them.  So it’s time for me to go back to my desk and finish up what I started.  It’s noon and I’ve procrastinated long enough.  Maybe I’ll get lucky with the photo’s this afternoon.

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4 Responses to Photography and Procrastination

  1. i mayfly says:

    Beautiful photos. First is Forsythia or Golden Bell. My grandmother called them Yellow Bells.
    Second looks to be a Dogwood and I’m not sure about the third. I walked my block with my camera this morning because it looks like an Easter basket out there. I haven’t looked at the shots yet. Now I’m nervous………….

    • Thanks! Was so disappointed yesterday. Thanks for the names–absolutely terrible with names. My mother is like a walking garden encyclopedia, and I think she wonders what happened to me. I definitely didn’t get that gene. But I still appreciate the beauty of the flowers. Hope your photos are fine. I actually think my card is just old (about 5 years) like my camera (would love to replace it), and like me is getting confused. 🙂

  2. deniz says:

    I don’t know – the photos look lovely to me!

    • They aren’t the ones I took during that outing. I lost those. And when I went back, the flowering trees already had too much leaf and fewer blooms. Have to wait another year. Bummer. But thanks, I kinda felt like those were consolation prizes.

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