There’s a War Going On…

And I’m not referring to conflicts in other countries.  No, this conflict is going on right inside my house.  It’s the tupperware/container wars.  I’m guessing everybody has this.  You know, the container with no lid.  The lid with no container.  The container and lid that look like they go together but you only find out they don’t when in practical demonstration it it leaks like a sieve.  This is my tupperware cupboard:

Apparently it was the topic of discussion for Buzzard when he tried to find a sandwich container for his lunch.  A conversation I wasn’t privy to, but nevertheless heard about because a string of morning madness insults between the three teens led to tattling about comments made upon my person and my organizational skills–of which you can clearly see, I have none, at least in the tupperware department.

This doesn’t mean I want to be told I have none.  I prefer to live in ignorance of some things.  Or at least the illusion of ignorance.  So, this cupboard has been the bane of my existence since we moved here.  I can’t get rid of it.  It follows me EVERYWHERE!

Oh, I’ve looked at organizers.  All kinds.  About a year ago, I tried to clean it out, but had difficulty owing to the plight of, “I know I can’t find the lid now, but what if it turns up later?  Then I’ll have a lid and no container…”  DH thought he’d help by purchasing those stacking containers with stacking lids.  Good in theory, but it all hinges on the premise that you are going to get rid of everything else which, as I said, I had trouble doing.  So, we just added to the pile.

The interesting thing about all this is, I rarely have trouble finding pieces to go together because I have my own system.  I can’t say never, but it’s not often I can’t reach in there and find what I need within seconds.  The trouble comes when someone else tries.  They find this maddening that I don’t set it up to accommodate them.

“So,” I said to Buzzard this morning, “You’re not happy with the container cupboard?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Feel free to fix it,” I say happily.

“Oh, I’m going to,” he says knowingly.

Secretly I’m thinking, good luck with that.  I foresee that just like me, he will fix it so he can find things.  Doesn’t mean everyone else will be able to.  Like the mysterious, Where did my sock mate go?, he’ll eventually find that there’s more at work here than just one persons organizational skills.  In a family of 5, of whom 4 are of the XY species, it a many complicated and wondrous thing that one shouldn’t attempt to unravel.  Like I said, some things are just better left alone.

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2 Responses to There’s a War Going On…

  1. I would be highly suspicious of anyone who didn’t have this problem.

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