A Walk on the Wild Side

Yesterday DH, Bugs and Roo left for a weekend, Boy Scout, Skeet shooting adventure.  This left Buzzard and I at home trying to figure out what we were going to do.  I’ve been wanting to do more photography, and so did Buzzard.  So we decided to go on a photography expedition.

Not too much of a trek from our house we have a safari park.  For years I wanted to take the kids, but for some reason just never managed to make it there.  Today, that is where we went.  I was a little worried Buzzard would find it lame–him being a teenager and all, but turns out, he thought it was fantastic.  We might even go back when it’s not raining.

The animals were pretty tame, nothing wild, but it was fun.  They kept walking up to the window expecting to be fed.  We didn’t buy feed because a friend of mine had said they are pretty bold if you’ve got feed.

It poured rain, and I wasn’t keen on the wet fur stench being dripped into my car.  Poor things, they kept coming up to the window, peering in with a look on their face that clearly said, “HEY!  Where the heck is my food!”

Good thing Bugs isn’t here.  He’d want to be hunting this one…

“Hey, no food, no picture!”

And of course, it would be complete without one of these:

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4 Responses to A Walk on the Wild Side

  1. Beedie says:

    Safari Park! Now this looks like fun. Wonderful shots!

  2. robin says:

    This looks like a wonderful, adventurous day! And your photos are terrific 🙂

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