How Much Can A Teenage Boy Eat?

I actually fell asleep last night before I could post this.  So this is from yesterday–now that I’m coherent enough to hit the publish button.

The night before last I cooked black beans and rice for dinner.  I didn’t meal plan very well, because after I served the four hungry men, there wasn’t anything left.  So I sat down with a bowl of cereal.  My husband looked at me, and asked why I was eating cereal.  I explained that after everyone got their dinner, there wasn’t anything left, but I was actually O.K., with it, not being all that fond of black beans and rice anyway.

Last night I was running late with kids and errands, and so I took the easy way out–frozen Bertolli Parmesan Chicken and Pasta.   I don’t do that terribly often, but it’s a quick, decent meal for nights when I don’t have my act together.  I made three bags.  Everyone served themselves and when I got to the bowl,  I peered down at some noodles in tomato sauce.

“Where’s the chicken?”  I asked, looking across the kitchen at the three teenage carnivores tearing into their plates.  There were some guilty looking faces, and uncomfortable shifting in their chairs.

“Oh, isn’t there any left in there?”  Then a chorus of, “You can have some of mine!”  I just laughed.

“Nevermind,”  I said, dishing out the remaining noodles.

This is a common theme lately.  But they are all so terribly thin, I just hate taking food from them.  They eat constantly, and I’ve started taking more advantage of places like Sams Club and buying in bulk.

Breakfast’s are really mind boggling.  One morning I made 9 fried eggs, 1 pound of fried potatoes, a pound of sausage made into gravy for biscuits and gravy and six biscuits.  They ate it all.  Every bit.  Two hours later they were asking what we had for lunch.

I would like to get full simply by watching them eat, by some sort of weird osmosis.  It would save me a lot of calories.  I love all that greasy breakfast food, but it definitely doesn’t love me.  And I might as well take a spatula and spread it on my hips as eat it, cause that’s where it’s going anyway.  I guess it’s a good thing they do eat it all.  Better them than me.

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22 Responses to How Much Can A Teenage Boy Eat?

  1. Lynne Ayers says:

    I had a different problem. I had three teenage girls, pickier eaters than your teenage boys. My problem wasn’t in not making enough; mine was in finding something all three would eat. Once I did? We had it a lot.

    • Lynne, when mine were younger they were more picky and it was a rare day to make a dinner everyone loved. Now that they are hungry all the time, they are less picky. 🙂

  2. robin says:

    It is a challenge, isn’t it? And when they come home with friends for the weekend–it’s time to augment the food supply!

  3. i mayfly says:

    We only had one teenage boy in the house; I can’t imagine the grocery bill with THREE! Tape worms. That’s what I attributed it to because standard human stomachs – how could they possibility process it all. There has to be superhuman factors at work here, right?

  4. Janie Thurman says:

    Thanks for the chuckles. again thumbs up

  5. Thanks for the memories of a familiar time:) I used to think the only reason for my paycheck was to buy groceries!

  6. deniz says:

    So much fun! You’re making me hungry. Greasy breakfasts… black beans… rice…

  7. No leftovers, no snacks (even the hidden ones are found and consumed), and often, no dinner left in the pan for Mom. I’m right there with you!

  8. longtooth says:

    I just stumbled on this post! Can’t believe I missed it all this while. lmao, Arnel! That’s like feeding a platoon 🙂

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