Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

The budget bill was just reported as dead in the water, with Obama soundly rebuking it and the GOP.  My problem is not that I disagree with all the policies–how could I?  I haven’t read them.

My problem, and I don’tbelieve I’m alone in this, is, I don’t trust any of them anymore.  While I strongly believe it’s wrong to lump everyone in a group together, and there may be the odd duck (politician) out there who doesn’t fall in to this category I truly believe that their primary motivation for the plans they make is reelection.  Numbers are what matter to them, with the welfare of the country a distant second.

I don’t post this with the intent of political debate.  I don’t take political sides–they are all corrupt.  I’m just so frustrated.  It’s the weasel going round and round the mulberry bush.  The system is broken, and needs an overhaul.

The fix for our country won’t be easy.  It will require everyone to take what will surely be bad medicine. We are in a mess, and trying to make everyone happy is not thesolution.  It seems very much to me like when your child makes a mistake, sometimes in the fixing of it everyone suffers a little.

But politicians, because they want to be reelected make promises to people and groups that can give them something in return.  As a people, how long before the kicked dog bites back? How long before a revolution, or a civil war, depending on your perspective?

I don’t want to see either, but every day I see these headlines, my gut gets a little tighter, and my stress level gets higher.

I guess this has been on my mind more than usual because we as a family have been taking historical tours during spring break, and have been reminded how great this country used to be, and the issues and problems we face now.  The boys see the desperation as well, and it makes them uneasy.  After all, what will their world be like in 30 or 40 years?  I truly pray for peaceful, thoughtful change, and hope that’s what everyone else is praying and hoping for as well.

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11 Responses to Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

  1. i mayfly says:

    Thoughtful discourse is never a bad thing IMHO. I got ruffled up back in Dec 2011 and posted “Line in the Sand” – giving voice to my concerns as well. I suspect there are a lot of folks like us out there.

  2. Jim Cantwell says:

    Your right, there is a lot of things wrong in this country we are a mess for sure.
    One thing that bothers me is that our leaders for the most part are wealthy, it doesn’t bother me because they are wealthy, more power to them on that aspect, it bothers me because they don’t have the problems we do when our taxes are raised by 15%, that’s a big deal to a lot of people.
    Another thing is a lot of politicians have made and currently make a lot of money from big oil stocks they own, so they have no vested interest in stopping the gouging at the pumps because they will lose money, and it will keep green initiatives from being developed such as electric cars with 0 emissions, and solar and wind power to provide electricity, its really quite sickening.
    Anyways great post I enjoyed it a lot.
    Glad we found each others blogs 🙂

    • Exactly! I sometimes feel like they make rules for everyone else that they don’t follow. Their time in congress should be limited, along with some new laws regarding campaign funding. Sigh… Such a mess.

  3. “I don’t post this with the intent of political debate. I don’t take political sides–they are all corrupt. I’m just so frustrated. It’s the weasel going round and round the mulberry bush. The system is broken, and needs an overhaul.”

    Amen, sister. We need some ‘statesmen’ in this nation and desperately. Only problem is they are “unelectable” in this day and age.

    • And that’s the frustrating thing. The very people we need can’t get elected. Thats why we need for the system to be overhauled–the rules changed. But how do we do that when the very people we need out (which IMHO is all of them) make the rules?

      • Such an important question. And while I’m all for “freedom of speech”, and have no desire to see it limited in any way, I just don’t know how to change the system unless we limit what people can spend on campaigns. There is no way we are electing honest people to positions that pay $200k/year, when it costs $20 million to win the seat. It’s a system that is basically set up for corruption. In this case, I don’t think limiting money spent on a campaign equals taking away free speech….I would argue that it brings “speech” back to the masses and the opportunity for “plumber joes” etc, to really make a difference in our political system.

      • Agreed. Don’t know how we are ever going to fix this mess…

  4. Lynne Ayers says:

    I too have lost faith in the leaders in my own country. All of the decisions come down to politics – if you will give me this I will support you in that so inevitably the promises get downgraded, if not entirely lost, and the machinery chugs sluggishly along. Of course the alternatives to our system are not pleasant to think about. So sad that the green initatives to save our planet for our children get so dismembered as to be unrecognizable, insignificant drops in a very huge bucket.

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