The XY Chromosome is Not in a Flower

At the beginning of the year I got my trusty camera from the dusty depths of my closet and decided to fire it up.  I don’t remember what the impetus was for this, just that I wanted to start taking photos again.

I took photos like mad when the boys were little.  I loved shots of them when they weren’t looking or especially from behind with all three of them.  My favorites are of them playing in the sand at the outer banks beaches.

Sometimes, they would pose for something fun, like the one below:

But somewhere along the line, they started running from the camera.  Or making goofy faces.  I tried to sneak up on them, but they developed some sort of weird camera radar, and always knew when I was coming.  Christmas photos became a nightmare.  So, I put the camera away.

Bugs was the first to come back.  But then I started hearing things like, “How come you always take his picture?”

“Because you run away, or make faces when I point it at you,” I would counter.  Roo was the worst.  I started saying, “Don’t come complaining to me when you see the number of photos of you.  You have to be willing.”

The photo bug was sparked again when I went to Scotland two years ago.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.  After that, it’s use was intermittent at best.  Then DH and I went to Honduras in February, and the fuse was ignited fully once again.  Most of those were macro, so I became really interested in macro shots.  What better subject to do macro shots then of flowers?  So, I started shooting flowers.

I was in Heaven.  What a fantastic way to temporarily forget any woes, relax or escape from anxiety, if only for an hour or two.  I found it indescribably peaceful.  The men however, didn’t understand.  I carry my camera everywhere.  Sometimes I get weird looks when people see me.  Sometimes I get funny smiles.  This morning DH said, “I’m not understanding this obsession,” or something along those lines.

I smiled.  And found I didn’t need anyone to understand.

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18 Responses to The XY Chromosome is Not in a Flower

  1. i mayfly says:

    Inner joy doesn’t need permission – isn’t that fantastic!

  2. Lynne Ayers says:

    Isn’t great to find something we enjoy so much that everything else just falls away – like digging in the dirt in my garden when nothing else crowds my brain but the physical act of turning the soil and smelling the damp earth.

    • It is. I wish I was a gardener. I’ve tried, but I just can’t keep things alive. A lot of that is because I’m distracted, but even when I’m not it doesn’t turn out so well. Why I’m glad I found photography!

  3. I have more pictures of my boys with their tongues stuck out at me than I care to admit. I will do a series one day of just those poses!

  4. deniz says:

    Gorgeous! I’m happy you share your photos with us 🙂

  5. Gorgeous pictures – don’t stop!

  6. Beedie says:

    Beautiful children. Beautiful macro’s of the flowers. Such peace behind a lens needs no explanation.

  7. ponky says:

    One thing why i love flowers is because they don’t run, make faces and they are beautiful 🙂 when i look at them they are already posing for me, always ready to be photograph. Whenever i hear birds sing its as if they are calling me so i look for them and photograph them 🙂

    Nice photos allthings! btw i also have a daughter who is always running away from the camera hahahaha

  8. mjspringett says:

    We are kindred spirits, i too have drawn away from photography when i was younger and in the working world, now i am retired and am nose in the flowers all spring, keep on smelling the roses, you are doing the work and your photos are great, MJ

    • Thank you MJ! It brings me such peace to photograph flowers. Your photos are amazing! Love the buffalo! And the cactus–what an interesting flower the way it blooms–almost like it can’t decide whether or not to poke its bloom out. Your still of it was beautiful! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Beautiful! I love the pictures of your boys and am so glad you’ve taken up photography again, it’s a lovely thing to potter about with.

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