Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

The Campanile de Giotto is the Bell Tower next to the Duomo in Florence, Italy.  Designed in 1334 by Giotto di Bondone, it is 414 steps and 278 feet up in the air.  The staircase is spiral with a hollow center so that when you reach the top you can look all the way down to the ground floor.  You can see the city of Florence all around you once at the top.

I chose this photo because it has the bell in the foreground with the Duomo behind.

As an update, the wire was put up to prevent people from jumping, not to have an enclosed tower.

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14 Responses to Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

  1. maybe I’m looking at this too hard..but I see the picture taken from the view of someone locked up in the tower..with the meshing representing a world they cannot touch..but that’s just me..I ❤ the photo 🙂

  2. Lynne Ayers says:

    You must have more energy than I – two times to Florence and never climbed the bell tower. Oh, but I love Florence, I think it is my favourite European city. Nice shot.

    • Well, truth be told, I wanted to go up in the Duomo because it was shorter, but DH thought that would be a mistake. So I just took my time and took breaks on the way up. Once at the top of course you forget all about the climb (once your legs stop aching). I do seem to recall they felt like jelly the rest of the day. :-). But isn’t Florence beautiful?

  3. Madhu says:

    Love your entry! Great contrast as well!

  4. deniz says:

    Beautiful! I’d love to visit Italy someday soon.

    • Thanks! I loved Italy. Would love to go back. It was so amazing. One of the museums we toured we got a guide that was an art student there. That was the best tour, because she could tell us the history of art–like how it evolved from flat non dimensional paintings to 3-dimensional looking paintings, and all the pigments and where they came from and how much they cost. Blue was the most expensive because it was made from ground Lapis stone–so blue was reserved only for the most important subject in the art–like Mary’s cloak. Cool… Plus the food is amazing and so is the ice-cream.

  5. Words We Women Write says:

    The light in Italy is amazing, everything looks like art. Great shot!

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