Making do, and Cutting it Out

Some of the funniest things happen in conversation.  Not too long ago, one of the boys and I were talking about something that escapes my mind at the moment, but at some point in the conversation I said, “Well, we’ll just have to make do.”

I got a quizzical look, and then this reply:  “Make do?  What’s do?”

We were in the car at the time, so I took a quick look at him, equally perplexed.  “What do you mean, what’s do?” I asked in clarification.

“You said, ‘make do’,” he repeated.  “What’s do?”

I began to laugh, and before I could clarify, dawning comprehension bloomed on his face.  He waved his hands and said, “Nevermind.”

A few minutes ago I was loading the dishwasher and same child and I were bantering back and forth when he finally said, “Just cut it out.”

I replied, “Get me a pair of scissors,”  (come on, that’s been around for ages).

He walked over to the drawer and pulled out a pair of scissors, holding them out to me.

“What’s that for?”  I asked, perplexed.

“You asked for a pair of scissors,” he says.

I started laughing, then said, “You told me to cut it out.”

He stood there holding the scissors for a moment, then put them back in the drawer and walked away.  He did not think it was funny.

I thought it hilarious.

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30 Responses to Making do, and Cutting it Out

  1. deniz says:

    I’d never thought of the scissors thing! That’s hilarious!

  2. Love those fun conversations – they make memories:)

    • That they do! I have to write them down quickly, lest I forget. They were mad because they said I didn’t get the conversation exactly right and who said what on the “going all mom” one. Oh well.

  3. It’s like Amelia Bedilia in your house.

  4. How funny! And darling too. Reminded me of when I said to my then 4 yr old granddaughter that I was pooped. You can imagine my hysterics when she bent over me and sniffed and said, “No, Nana not pooped!”

    • That is too funny! All those expressions, like shake a leg are too funny when they hear them for the first time, or when they are older but not listening closely…

      • I have a journal book that I have been keeping slang terms and expressions used between the mid 1940’s and today. That is the time between when my husband was young and what was said to now and what my grandkids say, and in between. My plan is to do either a double lage layout for our scrapbook album or a collage. Thought it would be kind of a fun time capsule.

        Have any suggestions I could add?

      • What a fantastic idea! We laugh all the time about the thong/flip flop conversion. We we were growing up, a thong was something you wore on your feet. We tend to say that first, “Get your thongs on” but the boys just look at us like we’re mad! Since now they are called flip flops, and a thong is, well, you know… 🙂
        Let me know what you end up doing! What a fun project. You could probably write a book on that.

  5. You sound like you have such an amazing time with your boys!
    Thanks for sharing this..really made me aww that’s cute kind of way! 🙂

  6. Jim Cantwell says:

    Great post, Allthings.
    Those are some cute kids, speaking of kids, they are funny and do some stuff that should really upset us, but instead make us burst out laughing, well sometimes anyways ha-ha.
    Kids rock, guess that is why I wrote the book that I did.
    “Get me a pair of scissors,” (come on, that’s been around for ages) that made me laugh, I like to use this one when presented with “Give me a break” my response “which arm?” you should see the looks you get in walmart with that one lol.

    • Thanks Jim. You are right on the upset thing. One time I went to investigate the scene in the bathroom because it had gotten too quiet in the house. They had unrolled ALL the toilet paper and another one. I stood there for a minute, then ran and got the camera and took a picture! I tried to do that instead of getting mad. Maybe that’s what’s wrong…:-)
      For the break one I usually say, “Where do you want it?” Lot’s of eye rolling… I can just imagine the looks you get, I’ve never said it in public I don’t think.

  7. I’m so excited! My daughter is turning one in 11 days, and everyday there’s always something new! I can’t wait to share these great experiences with her. Love your posts…

    • Congratulations! I miss some of those days. It seems to me their whole lives are a series of trades–trading one great thing for another, and sometimes one not so great thing for another. It’s an ever changing landscape. My suggestion is to keep the camera handy at all times! Even when they do something you’d rather they not (like when all three of mine toddled into the bathroom and unrolled ALL the toilet paper). I couldn’t resist the photo!

  8. Lynne Ayers says:

    Great post and a good chuckle. I grew up with a mother who was quick with words and my sister and I are still laughing all these years later.

  9. Madhu says:

    How cute! I look forward to such moments with my grandsons now, although the 6 year old is not amused when we burst into laughter at something he says!

  10. i mayfly says:

    I’ve thought for years that I’d like to write a children’s book with a collection of happy misunderstandings – like Fred Gwynne’s A Chocolate Moose for Dinner, The King Who Rained, A Little Pigeon Toad. We’ve all got those stories, if we have children. It could happen…

    Thanks for rearing 3 young men with a sense of humor; it’s a better and happier world because of it. It will also be interesting to watch how they pass that along to their own children. 😉

    • Thank you for the compliment, and good luck in your endeavor with the book writing. As far as the boys, well, they could give you a whole list of ways we are making mistakes in raising them. 🙂 Of course they always think we are wrong. I keep say, “Just you wait. Someday you’ll have kids of your own and you’ll see.” I think they do appreciate the humor though. Thank you for stopping by!

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