Hanauma Bay

Ok, slight departure from plan, but now with nothing more exciting than me spilling honey all over the front passengers seat of my car this morning (nasty mess it was, too) I can move on with our trip to Hanauma Bay.

Hanauma Bay is the most awesome place to snorkel on Oahu, usually.  On the day we chose for our excursion, it was cloudy, windy, cool and the water was murky.  We decided to make the best of it anyway.  It didn’t deter the other visitors either as it was fairly busy.  We took a cab–maybe not the best way to go from Waikiki, as it was $45.00, but we didn’t rent a car.  We took the bus back which turned out to be fine although a little lengthy with all the stops (took about an hour), but for $8.50 for the five of us, who can complain?

The parking lot where we were let off was at the top of the cliff.  The entrance is there with a gift shop, a snack bar and restroom facilities.  We paid the park fee here, then walked down to the bottom after watching a video that is mandatory for all guests, and informs visitors about not touching the reef, the sea life and general snorkeling rules.

We made our way down the long hill–75 cents if you ride the bus down, 1.00 if you ride it up–hey, they know you are tired!  We found a nice spot on the beach, and crashed, while the boys contemplated the cold water.

As I walked with Roo and Buzzard on the way to our spot, Buzzard made a comment about the coarseness of the sand.  For some reason it reminded me of the time we went to the outer banks when he was about three, so I said, “Well, at least you don’t throw up anymore when you walk on the sand.”

He looked at me perplexed.  “I used to throw up when I walked on sand?”  He asked.

“Yep.” I replied.  “You threw up whenever you didn’t like the sensation of something.”

I then began to list all the things that made him throw up.  Washing his hands, putting his legs into jeans, whip cream, dried beans (which incidentally was my favorite form of therapy–a giant container filled with dried beans that they played in as though it was sand).  I then told him of the time we had gone to the outer banks and his cousin (my niece) had taken them out to play on the sand, and had come back in almost immediately to tell me he had thrown up.  She was shocked to hear me say, “Yes, he does that.  Just let him keep walking.  He’ll get used to it.”  Buzzard finds this information interesting, since he can’t really remember it.  He runs his toes through the sand, shrugs, then heads for the water.

The boys and I explored up the beach where the famed “Toilet Bowl” is, an area where the water swirls within a circular rock area like a toilet bowl, but unfortunately it is barred now.  This made DH sad, as his fondest memory was sitting in it with his siblings when he was a freshman in college.

We then went up and got some lunch from the snack bar–captive audience-boy was that expensive.

The boys snorkeled at bit.

Then Bugs and I went on a photo expedition.

It was a relaxing day, and one in which I was reminded of how far we’ve come.

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24 Responses to Hanauma Bay

  1. lovely journey to a place I one day hope to visit. thank you.

  2. Elisa says:

    Ugh! While you were spilling honey all over your car seat, I was shaking a bottle of salad dressing with a loose top. Exploding oil and vinegar all over the kitchen! Memorable, but not as memorable as this Hawaiian vacation!! Your pictures are gorgeous and the travel tale is fun!

  3. lauriejlong says:

    How delightful! It has been 8 years since I’ve visited Hanauma Bay. Your photos are exactly as I remember it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great Photos! And love the humor in all that!!!

  5. Lovely shots…especially the fish art work and the old tree…

  6. Hawaii looks like a good place to be on vacation… Since you can’t drive there, it doesn’t seem that my Beautiful Wife and I will get there anytime soon, since she is getting more and more reluctant to fly because of the crazy times of late.
    Oh, well.

    • Well, if you are flying West, which I assume you are, it’s not too bad getting there, because it’s day time with the time difference, unless you are coming from Europe?? It’s coming home that is difficult, they are usually evening flights when traveling East (which you may already know and are possibly referring to.) You should try to talk her into just once. So much to do and see.

      • No, we plan on moving to the Tucson area, and we will be driving. There is no appeal from that decision.
        She would love to see the USS Arizona and the USS Missouri, because she is a “blood Marine”; both her parents were in the Corps. (Still are, by some measures; “once in, never out.”)
        But flight crew meltdowns, reduced cabin oxygen (she’s highly asthmatic and has mild to moderate emphysema), and travelers’ paranoiac behavior reinforce her reluctance.

      • Well, there is always cruising from LA? I’ve heard the Hawaiin cruises are nice, but haven’t been on one.

      • She won’t get on a cruise ship, either… between Legionnaire’s Disease, Somali Pirates, and the Costa Concordia, she claims to be cured.
        Can I win? Only by surrendering.

      • I think you are right…

  7. Kana Tyler says:

    My hubby and I are getting homesick now! 😉 He’s native Hawai’ian and grew up not far from Punchbowl crater… (I only went to school there, but it felt like “home” even then.) We’re anchored in Idaho by joint custody schedules, but plan to move back when the keikis graduate. Thanks for your photos!

  8. Great story about Buzzard and his tendency to throw up due to weird sensations. Had to share that story with my wife, as we have 3 little girls who have their own fair share of quirks!

    You didn’t happen to get any shaved ice at the snack bar did you?

    • I didn’t see any! Just the burgers and hotdogs, and some really great fresh fruit, plus frozen candy bars!

      • oh man…I love a frozen snickers! Were you able to try any shaved ice while over there? it’s supposed to be the best (hawaii) …it’s a subject “near and dear” to my heart 🙂

      • I didn’t. I only saw it one time–at the airport when we arrived, a kid was eating some. Otherwise, I never saw it, but when I saw the kid with it I thought, Yum, that looks good! Bugs had the frozen snickers. And the Garlic Fries? We had those every time we saw them on the menu–never having had them before…

  9. Kathleen says:

    This is one of my favorite blogs. Your dedication to those kids brought you this far. You should be very proud of them and yourself.

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