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Hot Dogs and Marmalade

One of the most precious lessons I have learned (and am still learning) from my mother’s Alzheimer’s is not to take things personally.  I have such a tendency to do that!  When people say or do little things, and sometimes big things, that are mean or hurtful, I dwell on them.  With my mother, when she scolds or is angry, I just tell myself that it’s her illness talking.

The other day, I found myself doing it again — focusing on someone’s hurtful words and actions.  The thing is, other people may not have an Alzheimer’s problem, but they have a human problem.  We are all so painfully human.  Just as I excuse  my mother with her Alzheimer’s, I need to excuse others because they are just people.

Grace, grace, grace — so abundantly given to me, I should be able to share it.

There’s a porcupine within me

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  1. jmgoyder says:

    Thanks – I just subscribed to that blog!

  2. nerdshirtsandcardigans says:

    I loved this. Alzhiemer’s has been a struggle for us. My aunt was diagnosed just over 10 years ago, and has been in a care facility that focuses on frontal lobe dementia for a few years now. It’s rought to see her there, as she barely knows who she is anymore. She is happy though, thankfully, blissfully unaware there is an issue. Its hard to watch the deterioration though, especially on her husband of 50 yrs and grandchildren.
    I enjoyed that poem lots, sent it to my other aunt who helps care for her. Very good share, thank you!

    • You are welcome, and I’m so sorry! My father in law died with what looked like Alzhiemers, although his was an extremely rapid progression. I sometimes wonder how long he hid the symptoms until he just couldn’t anymore. He was gone in 1.5 years following final diagnosis, and it was really hard, especially for my mother in law, as they had been married close to 50 years as well. It’s a tough disease. The poem really spoke to me as well.

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