It’s been 8 months, and the cat doesn’t look any different. Maybe we should start walking him like a dog…

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Eight months ago, my DH decided he wanted to go on a diet.  As a child, he was always stick thin, eating whatever he wanted with little consequence.  As years went by, however, poundage accumulated (as it does for all of us), and while he was never really terribly overweight, he was no longer the lean, string-bean he used to be.

Life insurance renewal time brought to light the benefits of shedding 15 pounds though, and he has been better than I could ever be with regard to his eating.   Being preoccupied with fitness and weight brought into sharp relief the other member of our family who actually happens to be grossly overweight.  That member would be our cat.

“Good grief your fat!”  Hubby exclaimed one day as the cat waddled into the the kitchen, pausing to stretch.  I looked over as the cat lay down, his rotund belly spreading out over the floor like a fat seal.

“Um, he is getting…

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