Follow Up For the Year 2000

Just to further prove how ignorant I am, and because I don’t like to leave things hanging, AlexanderFilmWorks just gave me the following comment:

Just so you know…
Any year divisible by 4 is a leap year, unless it’s also divisible by 400. 2000 wasn’t, 2400 won’t be. Other than that, we’re good.
Thank Pope Gregory the Whateverth who screwed with the calendars, so people went to bed on October Fourth and woke up on October Twentieth, or some such nonsense.

So, upon receiving this I read it to the boys who say, “What did you think we were trying to say?”

I said, “I thought you were saying it was a Leap Year!”

They shake their heads.  “You really would be left behind.”

I guess so.

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4 Responses to Follow Up For the Year 2000

  1. How cool that even when you were wrong you were right! That’s what I’d emphasize to the boys 🙂 You knew 2000 wasn’t a leap year…that’s what’s important. You were just testing some basic math skills with the rest of the convo.! lol

    • Yeah, and every time something like that happens lately, I’ve been saying, “Great blogging material!” And they always shout, “Oh NOOOOOOOOO!” 🙂 So I guess I don’t mind seeming ditzy for the cause…

  2. veraersilia says:

    THE CURRENT YEAR IS A LEAP YEAR! I knew without doing any “higher mathematics” because my second daughter was born on Feb 29. And because we have several of those things made of shiny paper that you hang on walls, called calendars, sort of dictionaries of months and days…. Cheers! Vera M.

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