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Friday morning

We are standing outside the middle school that Katie will attend in the fall, chatting with another couple. We’ve all just taken a tour of the school as part of the stepping up process for our children.

We talk about the seventh graders who gave the tour – how poised and adorable they were. How much pride they took in their task.

We talk about how reassuring it was to see so many GLBT Safe Zone stickers on doors around the school; how wonderful it was to see the kid-made Anti Bullying posters covering so many walls; how great it was to peek in on the Health Class in the middle of a lesson on Cyber Bullying.

We talk about the huge poster advertising the Day Of Silence, and the kids’ handwritten notes surrounding it, describing what it meant to each of them to stand…

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  1. My boys are bullied at school. They know I’ll be the first one fighting on their behalf. Other kids who were being bullied noticed that I was the only parent willing to take on a faculty member who was bullying students. Those kids started coming to me and asking me to help them when the school administrators and thier OWN PARENTS would do nothing. Our high school has a ‘zero tolerance policy’ regarding bullying, but they rarely do anything. It disgusts me. And my kids are in a hickville school where there are less than 190 middle and high school students. I cannot imagine what it’s like in larger schools.

  2. magsx2 says:

    I clicked over and had a read, it is very sad indeed to hear and read about things of this nature.

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