Daily Drudgery

Daily drugery is my worst enemy.  Filing?  Hate it with a passion–it has to be my least favorite job, and my desk can attribute to that.  Paying bills?  Right above Filing.  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this, because when I worked in Genetics, we had TONS of filing that rarely got done.  Not only patients files had to be filed, but their slides had to be filed.  Nobody wanted to do it either.  The boss would come in and see stacks and stacks of files and slides, and the look of displeasure on his face was enough to make us run for cover.  Worse was when he was looking for something.

This morning was a filing/bill paying day for me.  I should do finances every week, and file every day, but it doesn’t get done.  I put off this most heinous task with the, “tomorrow” thought, and the next thing I know a month has gone by.

I’d really rather be blogging.  Laundry?  I’d rather be blogging.  Vacuuming?  I’d rather be blogging.  Noticing a theme here?

Also in the last few days I’ve been trying to take care of some things with my dad’s estate.  This has taken me away from my reading–or rather, I’ve left my reading to the evening hours, and been so tired, I fall asleep before I can read much.  This makes me feel bad that I haven’t been reading everyone’s blog like I want or should.  So, my apologies for being slack.  I should be able to catch up this weekend and next, as there will be long hours in planes and cars.  Thank you so much, dear readers for the blessing you are!

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29 Responses to Daily Drudgery

  1. We can all relate to this…be easier on yourself. Hugz.

  2. andy1076 says:

    Take care of the things you need to do first, we’ll always be here to enjoy your writing 🙂

  3. magsx2 says:

    No matter how hard we try we just can’t seem to get away from those daily drudgery jobs. 😀
    Love the picture.

  4. I am right there with you! I would rather be blogging! 🙂

  5. You write when you can’t stand not to anymore… what’s inside just HAS to be written.
    (At least, that’s how it is in my experience…)

  6. I’m trying to learn to take care of myself. It’s hard to remember to do that when so many others have needs to be attended to. Sometimes I just have to remind myself it’s ok to “be” rather than “do”. Take care of yourself Arnel and try to do one thing for yourself each day that brings you joy.

  7. I’d rather be traveling! LOL

  8. No need to apologize at all. I must admit that my blog has been taking top priority lately, and I to seem to be procrastinating about everything else, so I’m always behind on my banking and housework. Now, my oldest son has been accepted to college, so I am even more inundated with paperwork and things to keep track of, not to mention all the new car insurance paperwork that you and I have already discussed. Today we spent two hours at the bank getting a student loan set up and came home with another stack of paperwork. My brain is going to explode!! So, trust me, I totally understand. 🙂

  9. Elisa says:

    Don’t worry, we’re all in this together! Family comes first, and then ugh – laundry and filing. 🙂


    • Thank goodness everyone else feels the same pulls. It is comforting to know that we are not alone! But really, I could live without ever having to do laundry or filing!

  10. Roly says:

    Ease up on the pedal, and blog when you have the time. Blogging should be fun and not a chore like filing

    • I agree! I don’t think of blogging as a chore. I don’t want to do my chores because I’d rather be blogging! 🙂 I guess we have to have clean clothes though…

  11. habibadanyal says:

    these days even I would “rather be blogging” than doing ANYTHING else!

  12. Hey, thanks for stopping by my site and reblogging the “fix” and all… I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. It can seem daunting, but just take it one little stack at a time. Start with patting yourself on the back for STARTING, put on a kettle so you’ll have tea, and take one pile. Make that your only goal for the day… (Like I should talk. You should see the desk where my computer is giving me dirty looks for allowing things to pile up here!) And take it easy on yourself, my dear. It takes time, I know from experience… Peace, Amy

    • Thanks for responding. I found this in the spam…Go figure. Thank you for the sympathies, and also for the advice. I never think in terms of one pile at a time, just an overwhelming, OMG!!! I’ve got to get it all done! Thanks for telling me this. I almost took a picture of my desk, but was too embarrassed. 🙂 Nice to know I’m not alone…
      Thanks for visiting my blog.

  13. Madhu says:

    Nice to know I am not the only one 🙂

  14. Lynne Ayers says:

    Nothing ruins a day faster than paying bills and balancing accounts …. except having to call Bell, as in our major telephone provider. Any of your Canadian readers should empathize with that. As far as I know, NO one likes talking to Bell. Two ways to ruin a day.

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