WordPress users, here is the glitch fix, courtesy of Amy Barlow.

Sharp Little Pencil

Sorry, poem later – first, help for ALL my WordPress buddies!

We have located where that sneaky unemployed blockhead GWB hid the comment box check that has everyone on WordPress steamed.

On your Dashboard, left column, click “Settings.”
Under “Settings” menu, click “Discussions.”
On “Discussions” page, scroll WAY, WAY down… to just above Avatars section. You’ll find some checked boxes, including “Allow: Follow Comments.”

Uncheck that box.

Nobody really follows someone else’s comments, in my experience. But clicking this means that option (if someone DOES want updates on a comment they made) will disappear. That just means if they are hungry for your feedback, they will take the time to come back to your blog. Never happened to me because when there is a juicy comment, I copy my response to a personal email to the commenter and we continue the discussion there.

Hope this helps. And, as someone says…

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  1. Thanks for sharing that, Arnel! I don’t understand why WordPress hasn’t already fixed this–it’s been going on for almost a week now, hasn’t it?

    • It feels like longer. But if you go to her website, she has another post with comments from wordpress where they are saying they never intended on fixing it. They didn’t see it as a problem. Hmmmm

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