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Sharp Little Pencil

TO ALL WORDPRESS FRIENDS (and anyone else whose email box has been flooded because of the “email me all comments because I have nothing better to do” box!):  Well, I sent out the “glitch fix” far and wide, and I’ve received some very gracious notes of thanks from folks who were frustrated with WordPress and that “email me followup comments” box being checked.  So I posted on the forums, in hopes of sharing some useful info:

“WordPressers unite! That annoying, pre-checked “Follow comments via email” box CAN BE REMOVED. Took me more than an hour but I think I fixed it.

I can make that entire box go away, so you and your followers will no longer be deluged with unwanted comments. Follow step by step and START from your “Dashboard” (drop-down menu when you hover on your blog name next to the W) and take your time.

Also, if…

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  1. Hope so! Now, I see you still have that little check box underneath the comments box. If you need more advise, email me at sharplittlepencil (At) gmail (Dot) com. Best, Amy

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