Summer Slugs

My son just watched me type that title and said, “Hey!!!”

I replied, “How do you know I’m talking about you?”

“Who else would it be?”

“I could be talking about snails in the garden?”  I asked trying to sound convincing.  He didn’t believe me.  And rightly so.

Cross country conditioning begins, er, began Monday.  They are behind already and it’s only been three days.  I was surprised they let me take them to get their hair cut yesterday, since the only thing they want to do is lay around.

Whatever happened to independence or helping mom, since they have this newly acquired drivers license?  Is there a reason they can’t now go get their haircut on their own?  Or run to the store for eggs, or flour?  Apparently those aren’t driving worthy.

Yesterday afternoon a fight broke out over God only knows what.  I was on the phone trying to straighten out the loan for my dad’s car, letting them know it was for sale, and the lady on the phone could hear them, even though they were upstairs.

I said, “I’m gonna run away.”  She laughed.  I said, “It’s only the first day of summer.”  She laughed even harder.  I found nothing funny whatsoever in this.

So, today I printed off the running schedule.  It’s time for the slugs to become bunnies.  That will use up all that excess energy, and maybe there will be some peace.  Why can’t teenage boys stop deviling each other?  It’s the mystery of the day…

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36 Responses to Summer Slugs

  1. Your first two sentences really made me laugh. I hope they have a great summer running themselves ragged so that you can get some down time. 🙂

  2. jmgoyder says:

    With only the one son, I am the one who gets pummelled!

  3. Bird says:

    It is posts like these that make me happy that all mine are grown up! Summer holidays used to make my brain leak. 🙂

  4. I can so relate…Our two sons were only 16 months apart in age and those teenage years were trying to say the least. They were the best of buddies most of the time but when they had disagreements watch out! When we moved one time we found that one wooden door in the basement between their rooms was damaged and they had covered it up with a poster so we never knew. Apparently a hockey stick ‘somehow’ damaged that door…they couldn’t remember exactly how???…..Diane

  5. They should get jobs! That will will keep them busy.

  6. As my boys put each other in head locks and wrestle around the house, my husband’s favorite line is, “You’ve already put two holes in the wall, stop it now!” All their antics are in good fun, but with one 6’6″ and the other 6′, they can do their fair share of damage. They love each other through it all though, and I wouldn’t have them any other way.

    What I really love about your writing Arnel is it brings your reader right into the happenings, makes us laugh and cry, and peer over your shoulder to get an up-close view of your life. You help us bring back our own memories. Keep it coming. –tw

    • Thanks! Oh my yours are huge! Mine are still small. They didn’t get that tall gene I’m afraid. Most of the horsing around is in good fun, but occasionally someone gets hurt, and then they are mad. I don’t demonstrate too much sympathy as they were usually fully participating. 🙂

  7. magsx2 says:

    Sounds like a very interesting phone call. 😀
    A busy summer it is going to be. 🙂

    • Well, she could think it was funny, she said her kids were grown, and she was already through that stage. Hmpfff. 🙂 It will be a busy summer. I plan on being a little more organized than when they were smaller.

  8. Jim Cantwell says:

    Ive got 2 girls and they are 10 years apart the oldest is now 23 and living on her own, I never got any rough housing but the arguments are ridiculous to say the least

    • Oh I don’t have girls, but I do have a friend that has triplet girls. She told me one morning she and her husband were laying in bed listening to them talk. The conversation escalated until there was a very loud slapping sound. When they went to investigate, one of them had a beet red handprint on the side of her face. The one that hit her said, “I didn’t like the way she was looking at me!” Yikes! But mostly she just tells me about the ridiculous arguments. Not that we don’t have those as well. Oiy! 🙂

  9. asignoflife says:

    I’m pretty sure it has something to do with being a teenager… I’m still going through that. Keep them outside and away from each other and that might (?) solve a few problems. haha

  10. terry1954 says:

    my grandma used to always say boys will be boys!!! and i think she was right

  11. Having been one (a teenage boy, that is) myself, lo, these many millennia ago, I can vaguely remember what was going through my mind on days like that…
    The great, empty, industrial-grade vacuum of intergalactic space, with only an atom or two of hydrogen every cubic kilometer.
    With age (and accelerating hormones), this too shall pass.
    (At least, it did for me…)

  12. Roly says:

    It’s in the genes. That’s what boys do 🙂

  13. shimmeshine says:

    and I have a boy and a girl, does that make me safe ??

  14. My two dudes have already started the summer arguing. Ugh. Hope your running schedule works! I may have to come up with a list for my boys, too.

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