Derecho Storms

Friday evening I had just finished loading the dishwasher when the power flickered, then finally gave way to the storm.

This storm is known as a Derecho storm, spanish for straight and named so for the straight line of winds it produces.  These winds can be upwards of 70 miles per hour and are in severity and devastation, just below a hurricane.  Since we live in a heavily wooded town, it wreaks havoc with the power lines, and was the reason we had no power for 26 hours.

I had signed Bugs up for a fly fishing class for Saturday, and when I drove out with him, I came upon this interesting wind damage.

I found it interesting the way the tree was shredded, twisted and bent, yet still attached.  I’ve been feeling a bit like this tree lately–a bent, shredded, twisted trunk, but still alive through God’s grace.  No matter how much the wind blows like a ballyhoo around me, I can maintain my strength from faith, enabling me to not break.

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30 Responses to Derecho Storms

  1. Amazing..and I’ve been feeling exactly the same..
    If not for His grace..I don’t know where I’d be..

    • Hey apple junkie! I hope the end of school went well for you! I know, the trial periods of life can seem quite daunting…

      • They went well thank you..
        And daunting they do indeed..

      • Thank you for stopping by. Have been thinking about you and how the end of the school year must have been crazy. I have been a little nuts the last few weeks, so I need to dedicate some time to catching up. My mind is in a swirl with tons of paperwork (eww!), but hopefully I can get going again. Hope you are doing O.K. and having a relaxing summer!

      • I’m doing okay thank’s been a very emotional and tough year..I’d love to say I’m glad it’s over..but I don’t really know if I am..

      • Do you stay there year round? Or go home for a visit? It must be hard being away from family…

      • I’m back to the UK for good in exactly 3 weeks..21 days..the last time I was home was Christmas..
        But I think what’s harder than being away from family is realising who your true friends are..realising that they’d much rather prefer you as you were before even though I’ve changed for the bettering of myself..a lot of friendships have been lost..that’s kind of what’s harder..

      • I’ve found as I’ve gotten older with regards to friends that it is imperative to be who you are. It’s harder when your young because people when they are young aren’t as willing to bend, and be accepting. So, you love everyone for who they CAN be. See the goodness in them, and forgive the faults, and recognize that in your relationships it’s about being genuine. You can do nothing more than that. If you always take the high road, then there is nothing to regret. You can’t change anyone else’s thoughts or feelings or opinions. All you can do is model the best behavior you can, love your God and try to live well. All the other stuff? In the scheme of life, it’s not important. I suspect you already know these things, you seem pretty savvy. Friendships lost is hard. Right when my dad died, I lost a friend who was like a sister to me. Both of us had childhoods that were not great and we shared a lot in common. But the damage done to her made her incapable of letting anyone see her faults and still love her. It pains me every day, and even more so on days when I see her out and about. But it’s not healthy for either of us to remain friends with one another. One of the uglier aspects of life. Be well, and take care of yourself. Keep me updated, too!

      • Thanks Arnel,
        And you’re is all a part of life..
        I can’t be the person who they think I am when I know that’s not really who I want to be..I can’t be a convenient friend, I can be the friend I’ve always been..
        And friendships lost are hard..but I think I’m getting the heat of it because apparently I’m the only one that’s changed. But you know what..being away from familiar things and familiar people made me realise as much as I do things to make people happy, I have to be happy too..
        I think they just cannot fathom that I can now say no, and not feel bad about it..oh well..
        I’ll definitely keep you updated.. =)

      • Hope you are feeling a little better about things. Sometimes when our friends don’t like us changing it’s because they got something from the way we used to be. But I say, improvement is always the right course. So stay the course, my friend. They are the ones missing out.

  2. Wow what a twist! We had our own storms here last night. Thankfully no one was hurt.


  3. magsx2 says:

    Looks like a good storm went through, they can get frightening at times.

  4. elisaruland says:

    Oh noooo! Glad you are safe.

  5. robincoyle says:

    That photo is amazing.

    You may be getting bent, shredded, and twisted right now, but think how strong you will be on the other side of the challenge. Tired, but stronger.

    • Thanks Robin. How are you doing since your daughter left?

      • robincoyle says:

        Better today. Talked to her a couple of hours ago because they haven’t taken their phones away, YET. They put her in a leadership position already and she sounded great. It was a long day of typical “hurry up and wait” Army stuff, but she was happy to be where she is. Thanks for asking!

      • Glad all is well so far! So stressful, I’m sure! The politics of the army would make me nuts!

  6. terry1954 says:

    i love the photo and i also love it that you found the sun among the clouds……..

  7. We finally got power back yesterday afternoon at 4:00. 4 days after the storm. I’ve never seen or felt anything like that in my life, sustained winds for an hour and a half. Lost some big trees, tops of trees and limbs. Leaves littered the yard. The canopy of our woods has been thinned considerably. No structural, vehicular or bodily damage here. Our neighbors were not so lucky. Tree went through the middle of their car. Love the photo of the tree and the message of your resilience.

    • So good to hear from you. I keep checking your sight, thinking I’m missing posts. So sorry about the damage. The east wasn’t hit quite so hard as the west side of town. 😦 Glad you are O.K.

      • Thanks Arnel. My words are slowly coming back. When I’m slammed emotionally, it takes awhile for me to process I think, then it all comes pouring out. Thanks for checking in on me. 🙂

      • Think about you often. That happens to me when I’m angry. I think for a while, I tried to escape my sadness by writing. But when I’m mad, I am rendered speechless. I can’t think of anything to write. And lately that seems often. Hugs and prayers to you!

  8. Madhu says:

    Oh wow the power AND the resilience of nature! Amazing capture Arnel. Glad you are holding up. Take care and stay strong.

    • It was really weird the way it was shredded and twisted. Thanks for the encouraging words. I’ve found that selling all my dad’s stuff is tougher than I bargained for. Chin up..

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