Scuba Diving in Bonaire-Klein Bonaire

Thought you guys might like to browse these great photos!


Here are some photos from a scuba diving trip in Bonaire, which is 70 miles off the coast of Venezuela.

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8 Responses to Scuba Diving in Bonaire-Klein Bonaire

  1. Janie Thurman says:

    Loved the photos.

  2. Janie Thurman says:

    Great job!!

  3. Wonderful pictures…Diane

  4. robincoyle says:

    The fish look prehistoric. Or, Mother Nature threw fish parts in a bag and tossed them out like mismatched socks.

  5. Robin McClister says:

    Thanks for sharing Arnel! Your pictures are awesome. Now Joey will want that camera even more. Great week of diving and nice spending it with you and your family. Hope to do it again sometime!

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