I just was looking over some of my older posts, and came across this one. In light of my last post, I thought I should give this more attention. Did I really write this? And wasn’t I listening? Or did I forget…

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Sarah on the Go posted and interesting blog today, called Time is the Same in Every Language.  In it she talks about her first quarter century coming to an end, and asks advice on how to stay young and fight aging.  Since I am twice her age, I thought this was an interesting question.

Sarah, I think there are several things that are key.  The first on my list is laughter.  You must know how to laugh when the going gets tough.  When responsibility heaps, when things go wrong, when the dog dies, your significant other isn’t who you thought they were, when the kids stray the wrong direction, when you lose your job, when your parents die, when all the things of life that happen happen, you must know how to laugh again, and you must have faith, whoever your higher power might be.

All the wrinkle creams…

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  1. Lynne Ayers says:

    I liked it … again.

  2. Remember one of the suggestions is ‘give yourself some slack’…So you lost your cool, we all do…It happens!…Diane

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