16 Years Already?

16 years ago today, we went from a family of 3 to a family of 5.  Little did I know the magnitude to which my life would change. As of this writing, I now have three 16 year old sons.  When I gave birth to the twins, Bugs was only 11 months old.  I had no idea what life would be like with what was in store for me.

Buzzard arrived first, sadly starved with only three pounds on his 17 inch frame.  In his first 12 months of life he had two surgeries, a bilateral hernia repair, and a major surgery to correct a malrotated intestine.  Following that, he had ear tubes twice, and eye surgery.  Poor little bugger had a rough beginning while Roo remained healthy as a horse.

Roo was five minutes later, yanked from a transverse position under my ribs.  Delivered as a footling breach, at 5 lbs, 10 oz and 18 inches, he got stuck at the shoulders and was black from hip to toe with bruising as a result of the pull needed to complete delivery whereupon he had to be resuscitated.

At the age of two, both were diagnosed with autism.  As I look back now, I am ever so grateful to all the therapists who made my life, which had become a test of survival, survivable.  They were all so good to me in so many ways, and I could never thank them enough.  Mostly though, they helped me reclaim two precious little boys who today, are the very breath of me.

Roo, has a quick wit and ready words (sometimes a little too witty and ready).  I love his sense of humor and his analytical way of thinking.  He’s also the one who is most likely to see a chick flick with me just to make me happy, and you gotta love that.

Buzzard has a head for dates the way Roo has a head for numbers.  History fascinates him, and he absorbs it like a dry sponge filling with water.  He is quirky, and the most generous person.  If you tried to take a fry from Roo’s plate, you’d likely lose a finger.  Buzzard would give you five before you asked.

They have made my life infinitely better, and they have made me a better person.  As the years roll by, I am honored to be their mother and privileged to have such great kids who are a joy to be around.  I thank God every day for this.

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42 Responses to 16 Years Already?

  1. terry1954 says:

    that is such a beautiful story. i loved reading it. good looking boys also!!!

  2. Some intense early years! Glad to hear the place you are in now is so good.

  3. Three 16 year old blessings…Teenagers in triplicate !!! Diane

  4. SmallHouseBigGarden says:

    Such a beautiful post and testimony to the fantastic family these 16yrs have brought you!! I have a tear in my eye!

  5. I would bet that at the end of this post you were in tears. I felt your emotion and love so strongly and at the end of reading it, I was crying. Very nice work Arnel…with the writing and the boys.

  6. jmgoyder says:

    How beautiful -such a lovely post to your gorgeous boys.

  7. Lynne Ayers says:

    A beautiful post, Arnel, Sounds like there were some very difficult times – but boy, look at them now. No wonder you are a proud Mama. Happy Birthday to the boys.

  8. I can definitely feel the love and pride pouring out of this post and I can tell that you are a wonderful mother! Happy Birthday to your handsome men because if they are anything like my soon to be 16 year old, they probably consider themselves adults already LOL!! I had a rough start with my older son too, so I totally understand what you mean about the curvy road finally straightening :).

  9. robincoyle says:

    You made me cry! Happy tears. You must be so proud. Rightly so.

  10. cocoaupnorth says:

    I got a little teary reading this beautiful story of blessings. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!! You can find the link here: http://theembiggensproject.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/the-versatile-blogger-award-yay/

  12. I feel your joy at how things turned out. It’s a pleasing emotion…
    How things start and how they finish rarely seem to be connected at all at times… a friend of ours has a 29 year old son who’s high-functioning Asperger’s syndrome, and he can be quite a bit of happy to be around at times.
    “Endeavor to Persevere” (quote from *The Outlaw Josey Wales*)

  13. Madhu says:

    Wonderful, heartwarming post Arnel! So glad it all turned out well. Your boys are gorgeous 🙂

  14. deniz says:

    Aww, those are great photos! Congratulations! 🙂

  15. Congratulations on your beautiful family and your happy, healthy 16 year old twins! As a mother of twins myself, I know what a challenge it is to manage them, particularly when they are young, and particularly when there are other siblings. But to have the added challenges that you and your family faced is really extraordinary. My hat’s off to you, Arnel!

  16. fgassette says:

    What a lovely, encouraging and inspiring story. I am very glad you stopped by my blog today for I would have never read your story.


  17. rutheh says:

    Yes, that is how I came to read your story today, just like Francine. You stopped by my blog. Your photos and story are touching and amazing, encouraging to others who face challenges- and with the help of competent therapists. Happy Birthdays all around. Thanks for the “like” today.
    Ruth in Pittsburgh

  18. trishworth says:

    Hi, I admire you. What an amazing job you’ve done! I also have 3 sons, but they weren’t born in the same 12 months…

  19. LivE says:

    this is such a precious post; you describe your sons so beautifully. i am so glad i happened to visit your blog. i have 5 sons myself (one who is 16 too :)) so i can relate to your life with boys. 🙂 thank you for visiting my blog and for liking my post too. 🙂

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