A Nine Pound Hammer....or a woman like you, either one of these will do

One hears this question asked all the time.

Let me introduce you to three good men, Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn and Alex Teves.

No, they are not the men of the Armed Service dying overseas protecting all of us, including protecting your right to say “‘Where are all the good men.”

They are just 3 good men…and heroes. Men that can be found in every community across our nation.

Society will often accept that a woman reaches her maturity by beauty alone.

Men are often held to a different standard.

They were just three men who possessed courage, stoicism, and fidelity. Of course these qualities are dismissed and no longer encouraged in men-as they have been in past generations.

Every day the media, our public schools and many think these qualities are old-fashioned, paternalistic and no longer needed.

But not everyone believes that and certainly not Jon, Matt and Alex.

Jon, Matt and Alex were three of the victims of the horrific tragedy in Colorado.

They were…

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4 Responses to

  1. jmgoyder says:

    A wonderful and heartbreaking tribute,

  2. SmallHouseBigGarden says:

    I’ve been thinking about the courage and beauty of their final acts since hearing about these guys. I also think their grieving parents, families and friends must be so overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all.
    Such a heartful post…You expressed it so eloquently.

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