This That and Whatever Else I Can Think Of is a great photography blog, well worth taking some time to peruse.

SayVan Photography

Happy hump day everyone. I am going to do something a little different today. I had originally thought I would post something on the weekly travel theme today. However, sometimes things change. As we all know our followers are key to what we do here on WordPress and of course without those followers I would simply be posting something into cyber space and nothing would come from it. Our followers give us a purpose, they become a part of your everyday (in a different kind of way, of course) and they offer you words of encouragement, they give you ideas and of course they sometime offer some constructive thoughts. Take for example, my friend and fellow blogger Arnel.  Arnel and I have never met but she follows my blog and I follow hers. She leaves comments on mine and I do likewise. Its kinda like “you show me yours and I’ll…

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