In Celebration of Victory Day…

The Sacred Cave

VJ (Victory over Japan) or VP (Victory in the Pacific) is commemorated on 15th August and marks the end of World War II.  On this day in 1945 Japan accepted the Allied demand  for unconditional surrender.

The German High Command had authorised the signing of an unconditional surrender on all fronts in May 1945, which meant the war in Europe was over.  The Allied nations issued the Potsdam Declaration on 26 July 1945, calling for Japan to surrender or face ‘prompt and utter destruction’.  Japan responded with silent contempt, effectively ignoring the ultimatum, prompting the atomic bombings  of Hiroshima (6th August) and Nagasaki (9th August) after which the Japanese government agreed to comply in full.

Troops were spread all over the globe and were eager to make their way home.  Cpl A.R. (Roger) Crook, of the RAAF 21 Squadron (based in Borneo) wrote home to Australia with the…

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