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MERGE (of religion, politics, art and high tech): Sculpture of León Ferrari, Biennale 2007, Venice: frizztext-comment: “Sometimes I think, León Ferrari is right with his political art attack: It’s wrong to answer Muslim terrorists with a high tech Christian crusade!” comment by ScottMGS: “I recently saw a bumper sticker that would go with this: WWJB – Who would Jesus bomb?”
León Ferrari, Biennale 2007
photo taken by frizztext; for more click on the picture to visit my flickr photo stream …
ongoing discussion at
2 – Alejandra: the question is not, who would Jesus bomb, but what the people do in the name of God…
3 – kjatexas: This one should get both sides of the political debate going. Do I detect a little gadfly in you Frizz? Unfortunately we don’t see any “political art” of Jihadists cutting the heads off of living human beings. Makes you wonder about the political leanings…

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  1. frizztext says:

    thank you for reblogging!

  2. A post that stirs one’s thoughts and feelings . Great post.

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