Obama, Romney and Professor Snape

I’m watching the debate tonight, and it’s different from the other two.  I must be tired.  My ears seem to hear a lot of ocean waves when either of them talk.  I keep having to rewind and listen again to be sure what I heard.  A voice inside my head moans that it can’t stand anymore of the rhetoric from either.

I am sitting in front of the T.V., with my computer in my lap, pausing and rewinding while I “fact check” all the things both men are saying.  It’s not pretty.  No wonder my head is spinning.

Palestine, Israel, Afghanistan, Turkey, the UN, Somalia, Yemen, reform, corruption, respect and dignity.  The last two items we’ve seen little of in the last few months.  As I watch these two for the last time, and as my head swims with all the allegations, and as I am astounded a little more with each thing I hear that I KNOW wasn’t really what the other said, having heard them both originally, I could only come up with one solution.

What we really need here is Professor Snape and a bottle of his best batch of Veritaserum.  I allowed myself a few moments of  daydreaming about what that would be like, to sit down with both and actually hear the truth.  Just a few drops in their pumpkin juice, and we could hear what really happened, and what their plans for the future really are.  Confirmation and clarification about deals under the table, about mistakes made, about bad decisions, good decisions, global trade, jobs, health care, the economy, and maybe even the truth about Watergate, Area 54 and the Kennedy Assassination.

I wonder too, if it has to do with what people hear, versus what is said.  You know… “What lies in the road ahead?”  or, “What lies in the road?  A head?”  He said this, I heard that.  He said, he said, he said.  I blame most of the misconceptions on the media. Journalism has devolved into the art of presenting information with a personal bias of the writer rather than reporting the facts, something I find most deplorable.  If they can’t uphold the sacred trust of non biased reporting, they should hang up their typewriters–er, keyboards and call it a day, because if they are passing on their bias, then they are no different then anyone else with an opinion and have lost he right to call themselves a journalist.

If we could just get our hands on some of that potion…  Where is Snape when you need him?

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12 Responses to Obama, Romney and Professor Snape

  1. Barneysday says:

    Journalism, as we’ve come to expect it, is a thing of the past. Large corporations, with global implications, own all of the media outlets these days, and each has their own agenda, far beyond the old expectations of integrity. Thats why also, I believe, reporters are mild mannered milquetoasts in dealing with the candidates. No follow-up, no hard questions, no holding their feet to the fire. I truly believe, in todays world, a reporter like those of olden times, Rather, Thomas, Edwards, Murrow, et al, would not have a job for very long.

    Great blog, and sadly, too many feel the same as you do.

  2. Dounia says:

    Oh, if only we could give them a good dose of veritaserum! That’s a brilliant idea…Now we just need to find a bottle of the stuff…

  3. Pat Bailey says:

    AMEN! I wasn’t going to listen to the debate but we flipped to them during baseball commercials. I enjoyed the baseball game a whole lot more! I was talking with a neighbor yesterday and he said he was eager to hear the debates. He has totally opposite political views than me and I told him I don’t listen because we can’t believe half of what either one says so why listen to any of it.

  4. I totally love this! Add this to my presidential debate dance-off, and we could bring back the zing to the political system! 🙂

  5. Lynne Ayers says:

    Choosing a leader today is very difficult because most of the time most do not exhibit qualities we want to see in our leaders – it’s the same here at home.

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