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Floral Friday 11.30.12

Stretch beyond your comfort, for the focal point of the horizon is at infinity.                        -V. A.Gonce Today my Floral Friday is a bit different.  I’ve been studying macro and … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Even A Girl Like Me:
The title of this post is taken from Caden Beggan’s community facebook page. Unlike I, you have probably been following his story. I just read about Caden today. It is always gut…

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California, Jeep Willys and Another Era

Several years ago, we took the boys to California for spring break.  Our plan was to fly into San Francisco and Drive the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) to L.A., stopping at all the places I loved as a child, and … Continue reading

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Rendered Speechless….

A few days ago when I logged on to WordPress, I found an exciting surprise waiting for me that left me quite speechless.  For anyone who knows me, this is a major feat. Roly over at Comedy in Crisis awarded me … Continue reading

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Abercrombie and French

Everyone knows Abercrombie and Fitch.  A hip store in the US known mostly to the younger crowd, although I’m sure there must be the older person here and there who shops in those stores. I must confess, I’m not one … Continue reading

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Lamborghinis and Asians in Paris

One day while we were in Paris, we did a walkabout.  We wanted to see the city, and figured the best way was to see it on foot.  In general, I’d do this again, but I think I’d intersperse the … Continue reading

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Floral Friday 11.16.12

It’s been a challenge to find subjects for my floral Fridays, what with being away and fall in full swing.  I went to a botanical garden a few days ago, and shot some flowers that were kept in the greenhouse … Continue reading

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The Thing I Learned From the French…

They talk.  Face to face.  And they walk.  Arm in arm.  It’s not weird.  It’s not gay (is that the right term?).  They seem happy and full of life.  One day we took the metro to Versailles.  On the way … Continue reading

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Now That It’s Over…

I’m of two minds to write this post this morning, but feeling like I do, I’m inclined to let the words roll. I know many folks might not agree with what I’m going to write, but I really want to … Continue reading

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