Floral Friday 3.1.13

Those who do not weep, do not see.                                                                                      Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

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12 Responses to Floral Friday 3.1.13

  1. It’s been some time and I missed your flowers, Arnel!
    Beautiful …like a prayer [re: your previous post]

  2. robincoyle says:

    Amazing hummingbird shots! Those must be tricky to get . . . they are fast little guys.

  3. SimplySage says:

    Par Excellence in every way!

  4. Madhu says:

    Just lovely Arnel! Are the white flowers Jasmine?

    • Thank you Madhu. The flower is called the Naupaka, named for the following:

      “A princess was forbidden to marry her true love, a fisherman, because he was a commoner. As they parted ways forever, she tore a flower in half, giving one half to him and keeping the other half for herself. She then returned to the mountains where her family lived. Broken-hearted, they both cried and planted their halves of the flower. Each half grew and became the two forms of naupaka – the beach naupaka (naupaka kahakai) and the mountain naupaka (naupaka kuahiwi).

      Another version:
      It is said that two lovers, greatly devoted to each other, came to the attention of the Goddess Pele. Pele found the young man desirable and appeared before him as a beautiful stranger. But no matter what Pele did the lovers remained devoted to each other.

      Angered, Pele chased the young man into the mountains, throwing molten lava at him. Pele’s sisters witnessed this and to save the young man from a certain death they changed him into the mountain Naupaka. Pele immediately went after the young woman and chased her towards the sea – but again Pele’s sisters stepped in and changed the young lover into beach Naupaka.

      It is said that if the mountain Naupaka and beach Naupaka flowers are reunited, the two young lovers will be together again.” From: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eindzel/2756329582/

      I saw it in Hawaii, and wondered about it then. I then found it in Honduras. I wanted to take the city tour to the botanical gardens but was too sick. :-(. Maybe next time.

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