Ancient Rome

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In April we took the boys to Italy for spring break, thinking that they would have a marvelous time exploring all that history.  Seeing that history is their favorite subject, mixed with historical politics we also though ancient Rome would be a favorite spot.  When we got there, we were surprised to see bored faces, and unimpressed looks.

It seems we have Hollywood to blame for this.  When we made our way to the coliseum (and realizing we were losing our audience) we thought we’d wow them with the ancient structure.  Turns out, they were expecting a rebuilt version of it’s former glory, something akin to what they saw in Gladiator.  I guess we should have taken them on a formal tour to pike their interest.

In the end, they thought it was impressive.  But their favorite tour turned out to be Villa Adriana and Villa Deste, better known as…

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4 Responses to Ancient Rome

  1. Travel… It is said that travel broadens the mind.
    More often than not, it seems to only broaden the gluteal padding.
    Good seeing you back, and the photography is wonderful, as I have come to expect.

    • Thank you AFW! It does, doesn’t it? I’ve picked up about 10 pounds and can’t seem to get it off…. 😦

      • I, on the other hand, have lost a bit of mass… only because I’ve found out I have allergies to gluten, wheat, rice, barley, rye, and buckwheat (most of the substitutes for gluten in “gluten-free” foods), and am eating much more corn, quinoa, garbanzo beans, vegetables, and no-nitrate no-nitrite no-MSG meats (including, fortunately, uncured bacon and all-natural sausage).
        That can work… but I miss pizza, big burgers, chinese food (MSG and I don’t get along AT ALL).
        Keep on keepin’ on…
        Al B.

      • Gluten free is no fun. Gave it a try when the boys were little, and held my breath when they were being tested for celiac. Although I think it’s gotten better with better choices in the last 17 years, it’s still not the same as all the sinful stuff.

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