Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

By the Pricking of my Thumbs, something wicked this way comes.                     Shakespeare’s MacBeth

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21 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

  1. Lily Mugford says:

    I love that quote.. so perfect for the coming storms, both in nature and in life.

  2. Dramatic clouds and nice scenery for spending some quiet time in the forest.

  3. Glad to see you back, Arnel! Excellent shots!
    🙂 Happy Monday and new week.

  4. pattisj says:

    Most definitely!

  5. Lovely photos for this challenge, it looks like a big storm on the way

  6. Lynne Ayers says:

    Great shots, and liked the quote too, Arnel.

    • Hi Lynne! How are you these days? I’ve been thinking about the bloggers realm a lot lately, and wondering how everyone is doing! I can’t believe I somehow missed this! I am sorry for being so out of touch. How is the painting going? I will pop over to your site and see what’s up, but I just wanted to say Hi! Hope you are well!

      • Lynne Ayers says:

        Hello there, Arnel! Odd but I thought of you this week too … really. Painting not so much, heavily into photography and editing thereof. Have even sold a few 🙂 How is your flower photography doing? Good to hear from you. I’m hopping over to your site now …

      • I never thought you’d give up the brush! You are so talented. I want to see your photos so I am going to get over to your site. Flower photography is good. I’ve hung 4 40″X60″ metal prints in my husbands office, and have a couple of docs in town that would like photos in their offices. We just got back from Spain with the boys, and I have begun going through those photos, but haven’t blogged about it yet. I thought of you while we were gone–am I mistaken or are you and your husband the travelers? I was thinking it was you.

      • Lynne Ayers says:

        I won’t say ‘given up the brush’ but taking a new direction, at least for now. It’s a lot easier to undo mistakes in photo editing than in watercolour :). Spain eh? What a great trip for you and the boys! Our last trip was around the Baltic in 2013 – next one, hopefully next year will be a driving tour through Scotland/Ireland for a month. I’m touched you thought of me. 😉

      • We were in Granada for two days when I thought of you, and wondered if you’d been, and if you had painted their wonderful streets. Then I thought I should have asked if you’d been and did you have any advice! We visited several cities; Granada, Seville, Madrid, Toledo, Avila, Segovia and El Escorial. Granada won hands down, no contest. I wouldn’t bother in future with any of the others, but I LOVED Granada.

      • Lynne Ayers says:

        Noe of which I have been too – Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Santander, but nothing in southern Spain. The first cruise we took was to include Cadiz but the seas were too high to make port. ;(

      • Oh bummer! Least of which was being on a tossing ship! Argh! We happened to be in Madrid when the old King abdicated to his son. It was a zoo! That was the day we decided to take the train to El Escorial, to get away from the chaos. I wanted to see the northern cities, but there just wasn’t time, and the boys requested a visit to the Alhambra, so we did the Southern part. I also wanted to see Gibralter and Morocco, but just not enough time. Did you like the cities you went to?

      • Lynne Ayers says:

        It was my first trip to Europe, waaayyy back 40 years ago that I visited Madrid etc, back when General Franco was still in power and there was a military presence in the streets and on the beaches. I would have preferred to visit the south but we didn’t make it that far – we were doing a 3 month/13 country odyssey but still couldn’t fit everything in. I enjoyed Gibraltar when there 10 years ago and we also visited Casablanca and Rabat which was interesting for the difference in culture. Southern Spain is still a place I’d like to explore.

      • Well, I loved Granada, and I’d like to see Gibraltar and maybe cross over to Morocco. But I’d like to see the border region of France and Spain.

      • Lynne Ayers says:

        We spent a couple of weeks in the foothills of the Pyrenees based about 20 miles north of the Spanish border. We spent our time in Frnace. It’s a wonderful area with a lot to see.

      • Lynne Ayers says:

        Yeah, I have a lot of ‘some day’s too 🙂

      • Too many and not enough time! 🙂

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