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If Fish Could Talk…

A lot of thinking goes on when you can’t speak immediately about what you see, especially if what you see is amazing.  The fish, hundreds of different kinds, seem to have their own personality.  Even though they can’t talk and … Continue reading

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Surviving a Scuba Vacation With Teens

This past week our family went on a scuba diving vacation to Bonaire.  It was an interesting experiment in togetherness while participating in a sporting activity.   I learned a lot of things, including the fact that staying with three … Continue reading

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My Husband is Just a Young Grasshopper…

Thursday past we decided the last minute to go to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for the weekend, which is why I haven’t posted anything since Friday.  It was an interesting weekend to say the least.  Before we even … Continue reading

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The Emerald Coast

Yesterday I posted the weekly photo challenge and mentioned that the ocean was green due to sea grass, and that this is the reason why the Florida coast is known as the Emerald coast.  Well, a couple of people asked … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

This pretty much sums up most every summer for us, although the beach varies.  This beach is Destin, Florida in 2010.  And no, my white balance is not off, the water really is emerald green from the sea grass in … Continue reading

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Fashion Statements

I’m going to give myself a little bit of slack on this next topic, if only because I was young. Adding to my naiveté was a healthy dose of ignorance and a lack of a mirror. The year before I … Continue reading

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Via Ferrata’s

3 years ago, the boys boy scout troop went to Nelson and Seneca Rocks in West Virginia to climb the Via Ferrata there.  A Via Ferrata, is a rock climbing system for people who aren’t experienced in free climbing.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Hanauma Bay

Ok, slight departure from plan, but now with nothing more exciting than me spilling honey all over the front passengers seat of my car this morning (nasty mess it was, too) I can move on with our trip to Hanauma … Continue reading

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Polynesian Cultural Center

One of the things we wanted to do with the boys while in on Oahu was the Polynesian Cultural Center.  The Polynesian Cultural Center is 13.5 acres divided into seven villages each representing seven Polynesian Islands; Samoa, Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, … Continue reading

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