Yesterday we went to see the Batman movie, and I admit to feeling a little tense.  We arrived early, and there weren’t many people in the theater.  I wondered if this was due to the shooting, and it made me a little nervous.  I sat three seats away from the end, and it wasn’t until we settled that I noticed the guy on the end had a rather large pack in the seat next to him.

Hubs was joining us from another location, and as he hadn’t arrived yet, I kept nervously looking for him.  He finally arrived and took the seat next to the guys bag.  There were several people behind us, and as the trailers began to play I tried to relax.

About 15 minutes into the movie, something hit the back of my seat very hard, and I turned to see the girl behind me storming out from between the rows.  The five of us looked at each other, and I turned and looked at the guy she was with who was holding up his hands in a gesture of “What?  What did I do?”

She came back about 10 minutes later, and sat in the row in front of us.  I turned to look at the guy behind us, and it was clear they’d had some sort of disagreement.  This was so weird and distracting it took me a few minutes to turn my attention back to the movie.

The movie in itself was fantastic, I thought.  I love Anne Hathaway and thought she made a wonderful cat woman.  Of course Christian Bale isn’t hard on the eyes either.  The ending was a surprise as well as some plot twists, but I won’t say too much about it so as not to spoil it.  I liked it probably the best of all the Batman movies.

When the movie was over, the guy with the bag and the angry girl disappeared into the people who were leaving (not that there were that many).  I just wonder though.  Is that where we are heading?  A world where we are nervous and jumpy because the violence in our lives has escalated to a point that we can’t relax in public?  The shooting scenes in movies and videos seem to have escalated in epic proportions.  I don’t know if there is a correlation, but I know that I feel like I am becoming more and more sensitive to seeing it, and especially after the Colorado incident.

I’d be curious to know, does anyone else feel this way?

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24 Responses to Batman

  1. My youngest son and I went to see Dark Knight Rises on Friday, and I thought it was amazing!! Not only did it have action but it made your brain work as they tied together everything from the first two movies. I was very impressed!!

    I must admit that I too looked around at people a lot more than I normally do with a feeling of unease. I find the news in general lately very disturbing overall, and I watch it as little as possible. However, I really don’t believe the violence in movies etc. is to blame. My kids have always played the most violent video games and watched the most gruesome movies and they have turned out fine!! I think it has to have more to do with a person’ family life or lack thereof and the way they are being brought up nowadays. The availability of guns also disturbs me greatly. Although we do have incidents with guns here, I think it is far less prevalent because we have gun laws which are so very important! Something needs to be done because tragedies like this are happening far too often!! Ok, I think that’s the end if my rant :).

    • I think you are right in that it does have to do with the time we spend with our kids, and the things we engage in with them. Still, I can’t help wondering what is the cause of people who go really wrong.

  2. Janie Thurman says:

    Good observations on the changes in out society. It is really sad that there is so much violence out there both in the movies and in life. Kids are no longer safe to just play outside, school, streets and at public venues. What has happened to our society?

  3. timkeen40 says:

    It took me a long time after 911 to get on a plane with people of middle eastern descent, especially those of the Muslim faith and not be uneasy. How did I know that the man sitting next to me wasn’t a terrorist? How did I know there wasn’t a bomb in his shoe or his underwear? Of course, I didn’t. I would have to say that, in the those early days after 911, if anyone had acted the least bit strange, I might have been more incliined to act irrationally.

    I also think that irrational thought is perfectly natural. Does anyone affected by tornadoes ever truly get comfortable in a storm again? If your house gets broken into, do you ever sleep quite the same again? I think not. The only thing that we can do, though, is not let it dominate the rest of our short time.

    I hope my ramblings have made sense.


    • Tim, they have. Not long after 9/11, we went to Italy. On the way back, there was a young guy who looked Middle Eastern on the plane across the Isle. I would not have given it a second thought, but he did act very odd. I was convinced that we’d had it for the whole flight. Of course it was nothing, and it could have been anything. He could have had an irrational fear of flying, he could have been on the way to a funeral of someone close, maybe he’d just found out his wife was having an affair. You just never know what is going on in someone else’s life, and how that attributes to the way they behave. We can’t let it dominate our time here though, you are right. What a waste that would be.

  4. terry1954 says:

    i do and i should trust god shouldn’t i…………but when things like the colorado happen more than once it makes me realize it can happen in any home town, even mine. i have been more afraid of taking Al out into public places where all sorts of people may be. he can not move fast enough and i can not move him any faster, so yes it stays with me, what is happening in our world

  5. I am looking forward to seeing the movie. I dont blame you at all for being anxious. I think w/ each such type of tragedy that occurs, another piece of innocence/security is broken.

  6. I an loking forward to seeing the movie. I dont blame you for being nervous while at the theatre.After each of these horrific incidents, another piece of innocence/security is shsttered. It will probably come back but never completely.

  7. sayvan says:

    We can’t be looking over our shoulders all the time. We should always do our best to be aware of what’s around but life is short… live each minute like it was your last! That’s my theory!

  8. jmgoyder says:

    Years ago there was a terrible shooting at Port Arthur in Tasmania and not long after this I remember feeling very vulnerable whenever we went to a park with baby Ming.

    • It is a terrible feeling. I don’t remember being scared after 9/11, but we are so close to D.C., and there is a fairly large military community where we are. The military jets flew over 2-3X’s/week, and they were loud, and I remember it gave me the chills every time.

  9. asignoflife says:

    I absolutely loved the movie, particularly the villain. That being said, being out in public has always made me uneasy. I have a tendency to be skeptical of anyone and everyone. I’m not too pleased with the world I see around me, but the only way to know where we’re headed is to live life one day at a time. Hopefully things start to look up soon, but my faith in humanity decreases with each incident. Speaking of which, I found out about the Colorado shooting when my boyfriend got a call from his friend who was in the theater when the guy pulled out the gun. His friend is okay, thankfully, but it’s still a scary thought.

    • Well said! And wow! About your boyfriends friend! He was one of the lucky ones. It is a scary thought, especially with people from other places. Their families would have no idea if they were from another state, or country, even. My faith wanes with each incident as well. It’s just sad that we have devolved to this.

  10. I’m sure there are a lot of people that feel that way…Personally I don’t but then I’m not in the hub-ub of busy life and we live in a smaller town.. I would imagine feeling a bit more nervous even walking alone in parks or in the evening for a lot of people….Diane

    • Our town is small as well, and I’m not so easily distracted. This is the first time I’ve experienced being “twitchy” about my surroundings, at least in the US. 🙂

  11. Jim Cantwell says:

    You are not alone Arnel, I keep an eye out wherever I am when I am out in public you just dont know, always make sure I know where the exits are and try to sit as close and as comfortably to them as possible, I am a little different than most, the Army trained me close quarter hand to hand combat, and the best thing you can do is just be prepared.

    • We hear that a lot around here with all the military–to be prepared that is, especially since 9/11. Hand to hand combat? That is really interesting. What is that like?

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